Colleen Klein-Ezell, Department Head


The Department of Teaching and Learning of Southeastern Louisiana University is responsible for the development of undergraduate curricula in Early Childhood Education Grades PK-3, Elementary Education Grades 1-5, Middle School Education Grades 4-8, Special Education Mild/Moderate for Elementary Education Grades 1-5, Special Education Mild/Moderate for Middle School Education Grades 4-8, and in the supervision and preparation of teachers with majors in these areas.

The Department of Teaching and Learning provides professional courses for all majors in Education and Special Education curricula. As part of the course requirements, students complete field hours in diverse school settings prior to student teaching. School assignments are made by the Director of Field Experiences, and transportation to these sites is the responsibility of the student. A major role of the Department is to provide professional service and leadership to school systems within the University community. Another function of the Department is to offer curricula and instruction leading to Master's Degrees in Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education, and Master of Arts in Teaching. See the Graduate Studies section of the General Catalog for additional information.

Department of Teaching and Learning faculty members serve as advisors to undergraduate students majoring in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle School Education, and Special Education Programs, and students in the graduate programs listed above.


The Southeastern Laboratory School

The University maintains and conducts a Laboratory School, which accommodates children in kindergarten through the eighth grade. The Laboratory School is a part of the College of Education. The School is designed to provide a varied program of instruction and service to afford opportunities for student observations, pre-professional laboratory experience, in-service education, and research.


School Librarians

Students in the College of Education who are earning regular certification at the elementary or secondary level may earn additional certification in Library Science by completing 21 semester hours. Courses required for Library Science certification include Library Science Education 401 or 501; 402 or 502; Library Science Administration 403 or 503; 404 or 504; 405 or 505; 406 or 506; and 580. Application to take Library Science Administration 580, Practicum in School Librarianship, must be made to the Department of Teaching and Learning one semester prior to the semester in which the course is to be taken.


English as a Second Language

"English as a Second Language" will be added to the certificate of any teacher who holds a standard teaching certificate and successfully completes the following courses with the understanding that this certification applies only to teachers of children with limited English-speaking ability: Education 416/516, Education 428/528, English 414/524 or 642, and Communication 410/510. English as a Second Language certification will be valid only in the teaching area(s) in which one is certified.


Honors Diploma in the Discipline

For information on earning Sophomore Honors Distinction, Upper Division Honors Distinction, or the Honors Diploma, please consult The University Honors Program section of this catalog, the Director of the Honors Program, and/or your Department Head. 


International Baccalaureate (IB) Educator Certificate in Teaching and Learning: Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The department offers courses leading to the IB Educator Certificate in Teaching and Learning: PYP. Eligible students must take the following courses in addition to completing Teacher Candidate Residency at an IB World School: IB 405, IB 415, IB 425, IB 435. For information about eligibility and requirements, please contact the Department Head.

After successful completion of courses leading to the IB Educator Certificate in Teaching and Learning, candidates may apply for their level of certification through the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in Geneva, Switzerland.