The following is the University Role, Scope, and Mission as stated in the Louisiana MASTER PLAN FOR POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION IN LOUISIANA 2011-revised 2012.


The mission of Southeastern Louisiana University is to lead the educational, economic, and cultural development of Southeast Louisiana. 


Southeastern Louisiana University is primarily a teaching institution whose mission is successful education of undergraduate students and services to the employers and communities in its region. Southeastern uses a traditional admission process based on courses completed, GPA, and standardized test scores.

1. Audiences

Southeastern is Responsible for Serving

a. Residents of the greater metropolitan region, especially those of the Northshore parishes who have completed high school and are seeking either a college degree or continuing professional education.

b. Two-year college transfer students, particularly those from Northshore Technical College.

c. Regional employers, both public and private, including school districts, health care providers, local governments, private businesses, and community agencies seeking technical assistance and applied research.

d. Economic development interests and entrepreneurs in the region.

e. The area community, by providing a broad range of academic and cultural activities and public events.

2. Array of Programs and Services

a. Baccalaureate arts and science programs appropriate to a teaching university with a predominantly undergraduate student body. 

b. Baccalaureate and master's level programs in the professional fields of communications, computer science, education, criminal justice, nursing and allied health, business, and social work.

c. Limited collaborative doctoral programs focused on practice doctorate degrees to address needs of the regional audience.

d. Support for area K-12 schools seeking college general education courses for advanced students and assistance in ensuring that their graduates are college and career ready.

e. Services specifically designed to meet the needs of regional economic development.

3. Special Programs/Features

a. K-12 collaboration and education through teacher and administrator education programs through the doctorate.

b. Nursing and Allied Health programs designed to meet regional health care needs, including traditional, online, and accelerated delivery formats.

c. Business/economic development assistance for regional start-up and existing business through academic programming, the Southeast Louisiana Business Center, and non-credit workforce education and training.

d. Academic programs and research with direct scientific and technological applications relevant to the environment and economic development of southeast Louisiana.

e. Unique cultural facilities and programming make Southeastern the hub of creative arts and culture in the Northshore region.