Southeastern is pleased to offer a financial planning option, the Southeastern Payment Plan (SPP), which allows students to pay their semester fees in three equal payments rather than in one lump sum for Fall/Spring and into two equal payments during the Summer Semester. The SPP program is managed by the Controller's Office.

In order to be eligible, a student must have not defaulted on any previous installment plan offered by the University.

Students with prior semester debts may not be allowed to enroll in the University until such debts are paid. Additionally, academic records (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) may be withheld until the debts are paid in full.

Because the SPP is not a loan, there will be no interest charged. Under this plan, the minimum required down payment is 1/3 of the semester costs during Fall/Spring (1/2 of the semester costs during Summer) plus a $45 non-refundable processing fee and any outstanding balances are due by the fee payment deadline. Delinquent account balances and/or fines cannot be deferred.

Examples of delinquencies are traffic fines, library fines, or any prior semester debts. These fees must be paid in addition to the down payment by the fee payment deadline.

The remaining balance is deferred into equal installment(s).

It is the student's responsibility to make the designated payments on the SPP. However, the student authorizes the University to apply any prepayment, credit (i.e. Financial Aid), student/parent loan, and/or payroll check (employee or student employee) to any outstanding debt to the University before these funds are issued to the student. Any funds remaining after the debt is satisfied will be refunded to the student or parent (depending upon the type of loan check) as appropriate.

Students may enroll in the plan online during registration by accessing LEONet "Self Service" – "Campus Finances" – "Enroll in Payment Plan." Please refer to our website for instructions. For any questions regarding SPP, students may contact the Accounts Receivable section of the Controller's Office or e-mail:

Students must follow University procedures when desiring to drop classes or to resign from the University. All published deadlines will apply. If the student moves from housing, discontinues use of meal plan, resigns or withdraws from the University, the student remains obligated to pay the remainder of any balance under this plan.

Any unpaid balance is subject to the same policy as any delinquent account.