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Publications – Books


2011-2021. Fontenot, C.L., Jr. (Ed.). Human Anatomy and PhysiologyLaboratoryI. Hayden-McNeil publishing. Plymouth, MI, 76 pp.


2011-2021. Fontenot, C.L., Jr. (Ed.). Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory II. Hayden-McNeil publishing. Plymouth, MI, 72 pp.


Blouin-Demers, G., Y. Dubois, C. Fontenot, P. Galois, D.M. Green (ed.), J. Lefebvre, D. Lesbarrères, M.J. Mazerolle, M. Ouellet, D. Pouliot. Noms Français Standardisés des Amphibiens et des Reptiles D’Amerérique du Nord au Nord du Méxique. SSAR Herpetological Circular No. 40:1-63.


Publications – Refereed journals


(Accepted) McCardle, L.D., Clifford L. Fontenot, and W.I. Lutterschmidt. 2021. Demographic Patterns of Activity and Road Mortality in a Wetland Snake Assemblage. Herpetological Conservation and Biology.


Pereira, K.E., B.I. Crother, D.M. Sever, C.L. Fontenot, Jr, J. A. Pojman, Sr, D.B. Wilburn, and S.K. Woodley. 2018. Skin glands of an aquatic salamander vary in size and distribution and release antimicrobial secretions effective against chytrid fungal pathogens. Journal of Experimental Biology (2018) 221, jeb183707. doi:10.1242/jeb.183707


Fontenot, C.L., Jr., and J.A. Pojman. 2016. Self and Conspecific Dermatophagy in the Aquatic Salamander Amphiuma tridactylum. Southeastern Naturalist 15:40-43, http://dx.doi.org/10.1656/058.015.0312.


Mccardle, L. D., and C.L. Fontenot, Jr. 2016. The influence of thermal biology on road mortality risk in snakes. Journal of Thermal Biology 56:39-49.


Pojman, J.A., Sr., J. A. Pojman Jr., and C.L. Fontenot, Jr. 2014. Use of Clove Oil as an Anesthetic for PIT Tagging and Surgery with the Three-toed Amphiuma (Amphiuma tridactylum) and Determination of Recovery Time as a Function of Body Mass. Herpetological Review 45:25-27.


Mccardle, L. D., A. Haase, and C.L. Fontenot, Jr. 2014. Nerodia clarkii (Gulf Salt Marsh Snake). Distribution. Herpetological Review 45:95.


Fontenot, C.L., Jr., and W.I. Lutterschmidt. 2011. Thermal Selection and Temperature Preference of the Aquatic Salamander, Amphiuma tridactuylum. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 6:395399. pdf


Pojman, J.A., Sr., J. A. Pojman Jr., and C.L. Fontenot, Jr. 2011 . Comparison of Immobilization Methods for PIT Tagging Three-toed Amphiuma ( Amphiuma tridactylum). Herpetological Review 42:362363. pdf

Fontenot, C.L., Jr., and W.I. Lutterschmidt. 2011. Body-coiling Behavior in the Three-toed Amphiuma ( Amphiuma tridactylum). IRCF Reptiles & Amphibians 18:134-137. pdf

Fontenot, C.L., Jr. 2011 . HYLA CINEREA
(Green Treefrog). Winter Aggregation. Herpetological Review 42:84-85. pdf

Major, R., C.L. Fontenot, Jr., J.A. Pojman Sr., J. A. Pojman Jr., and M.E. Merchant. 2011 Serum Complement Activity in the Three-Toed Amphiuma ( Amphiuma tridactylum). Comparative Immunology, Microbiology, and Infectious Diseases. Comparative Immunology, Microbiology, and Infectious Diseases 34:115-121. pdf


Fontenot, C.L., Jr. 2010. Amphiuma means (Two-toed Amphiuma) x A. tridactylum (Three-toed Amphiuma) Hybridization. Herpetological Review. 41:328. pdf


Tiffany A. Schriever, Joseph Ramspott, Brian I. Crother, and C. L. Fontenot, Jr. 2009. Effects of hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, and Rita on a southeastern Louisiana herpetofauna. Wetlands 29:112-122. pdf


Fontenot, C.L., Jr. 2008. Variation in pupil diameter in North American gartersnakes ( Thamnophis) is regulated by immersion in water, not by light intensity. Vision Research 48:1663-1669. pdf


Fontenot, C.L., Jr., and R.A. Seigel. 2008. Sexual Dimorphism in the Three-toed Amphiuma, Amphiuma tridactylum: Sexual Selection or Ecological causes? Copeia 1:3740. pdf


Fontenot, C. L., Jr. 2004. Cajun-French Common Names for Louisiana Amphibians and Reptiles. Herpetological Review. 35:337-338. pdf


Fontenot, C. L., Jr. 2003. Hyla versicolor. Behavior. Herpetological Review. 34:358. pdf


Fontenot, C. L., Jr. 1999. Reproductive biology of the aquatic salamander Amphiuma tridactylum from southern Louisiana. Journal of Herpetology. 33:100-105. pdf


Jennings, W. B., and C. L. Fontenot, Jr. 1992. Observations on the feeding behavior of desert tortoises ( Gopherus agassizii) at the Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area, Kern County, California. Proceedings of the Desert Tortoise Council Symposium. 1992:69-81. pdf


Fontenot, C. L., Jr. and L. W. Fontenot. 1989. Amphiuma tridactylum; Feeding. Herpetological Review 20:48. pdf