Publishing Studies Minor


A Collaboration of the Departments of Communication, Computer Science, English, and Visual Arts


As a cooperative effort, these four departments offer an interdisciplinary Minor in Publishing Studies. Students can use courses already included in majors offered by these departments and combine with other courses to earn a highly marketable credential in both print and digital publishing. The courses and internships draw on professional as well as student-run publications for hands-on, project-based learning.

The minor trains students in the latest developments in digital humanities scholarship, as preparation for Ph.D. programs; in digital and print editing and production, as preparation for the workforce; and in classroom applications of technology, as support for teaching writing and publishing.

The minor consists of a gateway course, English 309, followed by one course in each of five areas of publishing studies (Writing, Editing, Visual Culture, Print Publishing, and Online Publishing) plus an elective, which may be used either for an internship or for more in-depth study of one of the five areas. Each of the five area requirements can be met by a range of courses in the four participating departments.


The 21-hour minor consists of 3 hours from each of the areas below. 
Although all the courses listed meet the requirements, some courses are not necessarily appropriate for every student pursuing the minor. Students should seek advising to assure that they have adequate preparation and lay the best path through the minor to address their career plans.



ENGL 309



One of the following courses:
COMM 151, 430; ENGL 321, 322, 447



COMM 341 or ENGL 492


Visual Culture

One of the following courses:
COMM 376; CMPS 333; ENGL 449, 486


Print Publishing

One of the following courses:
ART 361; COMM 321; ENGL 493


Online Publishing

One of the following courses:
ART 459; COMM 417, 419; ENGL 494



One of the following courses:
ART 466; COMM 459; CMPS 400; ENGL 495
OR one of the courses listed above not already fulfilling a component requirement


Interdisciplinary Minor in Publishing Requirements Sheet

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