Faculty and Staff Profiles


Faith Acker Faith Acker, Ph.D.

Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 349

 Phone: 985/549-2383

 Email: faith.acker@southeastern.edu


Amy Acosta Amy Acosta

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 360

 Phone: 985/549-5760



 Alysia CatanzaroAlysia Catanzaro Anderson

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 334

Phone: 985/549-3082



David Armand David Armand

 Title: Instructor and Writer-in-Residence

 Location: DVIC 392

 Phone: 985/549-2499


Areas of Expertise: Contemporary American literature and creative writing.



Anne Babson

 Anne Babson

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 338

 Phone: 985/549-5786



Dr. Jack Bedell Jack Bedell, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Creative Writing

 Location: DVIC 341

 Phone: 985/549-5756


Areas of Expertise: Modern and contemporary literature and creative writing.


Michelle Bellavia Michelle Bellavia

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 238

 Phone: 985/549-2417



Brett Bisceglia

 Brett Bisceglia

Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 231

 Phone: 985/549-2413

 Email: brett.bisceglia@southeastern.edu


botsford Heather Botsford

 Title: Instructor 

 Location: DVIC 364

 Phone: 985/549-5328



Dr. Reine Bouton Reine Bouton, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor

 Location: DVIC 336

 Phone: 985/549-3767


Areas of Expertise: Modern American and British literature, travel writing, Southern literature, composition and rhetoric, Eudora Welty.


femail image Cheryl Breaux

 Title: Instructor and Coordinator of English Early Start Program

 Location: DVIC 340

 Phone: 985/549-5784

Email: cbreaux@southeastern.edu


Francis Broussard Francis Broussard

 Title: Instructor

 Location: FAY 329B

 Phone: 985/549-3975


Areas of Expertise: American literature, Native American literature



 Suzzanne CallowaySuzzanne (Beth) Calloway, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: FAY 329C

 Phone: 985/549-2530


Areas of Expertise: Composition and rhetoric, early American literature.


Dr. C. Denelle Cowart C. Denelle Cowart, Ph.D.

 Title: Assistant Professor

 Location: DVIC 350

 Phone: 985/549-2044


Areas of Expertise: Irish and modern British literature


Bruce Craft

 Bruce Craft

Title: Instructor

Office: Fayard 355E

Email:  bruce.craft@southeastern.edu

Areas of Expertise:  20th/21st Century American Literature; Southern Literature and Culture; Grit Lit; Theory and Criticism; Critical Animal Studies; Derrida, Cixous, and the Intersection of Literature and Philosophy



Sherri Craig Sherri Craig

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 337

 Phone: 985/549-5787

 Email: sherri.craig@southeastern.edu 


Nicole Dos Ramos-Schulter Nicole DosRamos-Schulter

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 363

 Phone: 985/549-5762


 Areas of Expertise: Composition and American literature.



Dr. Thomas Fick Thomas Fick, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor

 Location: DVIC 344

 Phone: 985/549-2104


Areas of expertise: American literature, literature of race, women's literature


Dr. Gina Filo Gina Filo, Ph.D.

 Title: Assistant Professor

 Location: DVIC 351

 Phone: 985/549-5477

 Email: gina.filo@southeastern.edu 


Chad Foret

 Chad Foret, Ph.D. 

Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 342

 Phone: 985/549-5783

 Email: chad.foret@southeastern.edu


Dr. Joel Fredell Joel Fredell, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Publishing Studies

 Location: DVIC 239

 Phone: 985/549-2113


Areas of Expertise: Middle English, manuscript studies, Arthurian studies, digital humanities, and history of the book.



R Fredrick

 Randall Frederick

 Title: Lecturer

 Location: DVIC 345

 Phone: 985/549-5781

 Email: randall.frederick@southeastern.edu


Samuel Fuller

 Samuel Jackson Fuller, Ph.D

Title: Assistant Professor

Location: DVIC 235

Phone: 985/549-5902

Email: samuel.fuller@southeastern.edu 


Dr. Tim GautreauxTimothy Gautreaux, Ph.D.

Title: Professor Emeritus and Writer-in-Residence

Location: DVIC 349

Phone: 985/549-2383

Email: timothy.gautreaux@southeastern.edu

Area of Expertise: Creative writing


Chris Genre Chris Genre

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 366

 Phone: 985/549-3122


Areas of Expertise: Composition, science fiction literature



Dr. George Gibson George Gibson, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: FAY 329E

 Phone: 985/549-3211


Areas of Expertise: British and Irish Modernism, Celtic mythology, James Joyce.



Dr. Eva gold Eva Gold, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor

 Location: DVIC 365

 Phone: 985/549-5768




Dr. David Hanson

 David Hanson, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Department Head

 Location: DVIC 221

 Phone: 985/549-2100


Areas of Expertise: Nineteenth century British literature and nonfictional prose, literature and the visual arts, digital humanities, textual scholarship, and Ruskin studies.



Meghan Henry

 Meghan Henry 

Title: Instructor

 Location: FAY 355B

 Phone: 985/549-5111

 Email: meghan.henry-2@southeastern.edu


Rebecca Hite Rebecca Hite

 Title: Instructor and Director of General Studies

 Location: DVIC 352

 Phone: 985/549-5025


Areas of Expertise: English literature and composition.


Chris Genre Jason Kirker

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 368

 Phone: 985/549-3207

 Email: jason.kirker@southeastern.edu


Dr. Jason Landrum Jason Landrum, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Coordinator of the Southeastern Writing Center

 Location: DVIC 229

 Phone: 985/549-2074

 Email: jason.landrum@southeastern.edu 

Areas of Expertise: Film studies, critical theory, and American literature.



Dr. Dianna Laurent Dianna Laurent, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 335

 Phone: 985/549-5755


Areas of Expertise: Writing to communicate, internet research methodology, grant writing, and editing.


Chris Genre

 Erin Lawrence

Title: Instructor

 Location: FAY 360A

 Phone: 985/549-3506

 Email: erin.lawrence-2@southeastern.edu



Dr. Christine Mitchell April Lenoir, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 359

 Phone: 985/549-5763



Dr. Richard Louth

 Richard Louth, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Director of Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project

 Location: DVIC 332

 Phone: 985/549-2102


Areas of Expertise: Writing and the teaching of writing, composition and rhetoric, technical writing, creative writing, living writers, Southern Literature: Louisiana literature, Southern short story, William Faulkner.



Tsung-Che Lu Tsung-Che (Nick) Lu, Ph.D.

Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 355

 Phone: 985/549-5767




 Jillian Marinovic

Title: Lecturer

 Location: FAY 355A

 Phone: 985/549-5136



S. Alan Marsh Sean Alan Marsh

 Title: Instructor

 Location: FAY 329B

 Phone: 985/549-2870




Dr. Christine Mitchell Christine Mitchell, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor

 Location: DVIC 339

 Phone: 985/549-5785


Areas of Expertise: Professional writing, rhetoric, composition, and ESL.


Dr. Kenneth Mitchell Kenneth Mitchell, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor

 Location: DVIC 355

 Phone: 985/549-5767

 Email: kenneth.mitchell@southeastern.edu 

Areas of Expertise: Professional writing, British romantic poetry, and composition.


Dr. Lisa Moody Lisa Moody, Ph.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 346

 Phone: 985/549-3106

 Email: lisa.moody@southeastern.edu 

Areas of Expertise: Nineteenth-century American and British literature.



Thomas Parrie

Thomas Parrie

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 348

 Phone: 985/549-5778

 Email: thomas.parrie@southeastern.edu


Alison Pelegrin Alison Pelegrin

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 230

 Phone: 985/549-2358


Areas of Expertise: Composition and rhetoric, American literature, and creative writing (poetry).


Leilya Petrie Leilya Pitre, Ph.D.

 Title: Assistant Professor and Coordinator of English Education

 Location: DVIC 361

 Phone: 985/549-3383



Dr. Ziba Rashidian Ziba Rashidian, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor and Coordinator of English Graduate Studies

 Location: DVIC 329/330

 Phone: 985/549-5780


Areas of Expertise: Animal studies, comparative literature, critical theory, globalization, modernism.


Claire Ravenscroft Claire Ravenscroft, Ph.D.

Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 362

 Phone: 985/549-5757



Brittany Roberts Brittany Roberts, Ph.D.

Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 333

 Phone: 985/549-5789



Elizabeth Rollins

 Elizabeth Rollins  

 Title: Instructor

 Location: Fayard 355A

 Phone: 985/549-5136

 Email: elizabeth.rollins@southeastern.edu

 Areas of Expertise: professional editing, magazine development and design, curriculum development, literary theory and criticism



Dr. Paul Sawyer

 Paul Sawyer, Ph.D.

 Title: Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Professional Writing

 Location: DVIC 233

 Phone: 985/549-5759


Areas of Expertise: Technical writing, online instruction, document design, visible rhetoric, and composition.


Dr. Sarah Schillage Sarah Schillage-Truxillo, Ed.D.

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 367

 Phone: 985/549-5026

 Email: sschillage@southeastern.edu


Karen Shields

 Karen Shields

 Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 358

 Phone: 985/549-5719

 Email: karen.shields@southeastern.edu


Christa Shively Christa Shively

Title: Instructor

 Location: FAY 329F

 Phone: 985/549-2271



Dr. Jayetta Slawson Jayetta Slawson, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor

 Location: DVIC 343

 Phone: 985/549-5024


Areas of Expertise: Performance studies, including human events in social and cultural settings; and performativity in writing, speech, expressive actions, gender, and identity constructions.



Anne Spear Anne Spear, Ph.D.

Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 353

 Phone: 985/549-2114



Matthew Tougas Matthew Tougas

Title: Instructor

 Location: FAY 359B

 Phone: 985/549-2458

 Email: matthew.tougas@southeastern.edu


Chris Genre Daniel Webre, Ph.D.

Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 357

 Phone: 985/549-5765

 Email: daniel.webre@southeastern.edu


Dr. Jeffrey Wiemelt Jeffrey Wiemelt, Ph.D.

 Title: Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Language & Literacy

 Location: DVIC 393

 Phone: 985/549-5761


Areas of Expertise: Composition studies, linguistics, discourse analysis, stylistics, Tolkein.


John Wilson

 John Mark Wilson

Title: Instructor

 Location: DVIC 354

 Phone: 985/549-2419

 Email: john.wilson-6@southeastern.edu

Areas of Expertise: Remediation, experimental 21st century literature, media studies, memory studies, and trauma theory.



Chris Genre Nancy Wohl

Title: Instructor

 Location: FAY 360B

 Phone: 985/549-5779

 Email: nancy.wohl@southeastern.edu