History and Political Science Faculty

Angie Anderson

Title:  Instructor, History Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Location:  FAY 347D
Phone:  985/549-5916
Email:  angie.anderson@southeastern.edu

Jeffrey Bell

Title:  Professor
Location:  FAY 355C
Phone:  985/549-3918
Email:  jeffrey.bell@southeastern.edu

Samantha Cavell

Title:  Assistant Professor
Location:  FAY 357E
Phone:  985/549-2018
Email:  samantha.cavell@southeastern.edu

Munson Chauvin

Title:  Instructor
Location:  FAY 340
Phone:  985/549-5528
Email:  munson.chauvin@southeastern.edu

Michael Corbello

Title:  Associate Professor
Location:  FAY 344D
Phone:  985/549-5721
Email:  michael.corbello@southeastern.edu

Lauren Doughty

Title:  Instructor
Location:  FAY 344F
Phone:  985/549-5722
Email:  lauren.doughty@southeastern.edu

Mark Dries

Title:  Assistant Professor
Location:  FAY 348
Phone:  985/549-5286
Email:  mark.dries@southeastern.edu

Charles Elliott

Title:  Instructor
Location:  FAY 350
Phone:  985/549-5689
Email:  charles.elliott@southeastern.edu

Keith Finley

Title:  Assistant Professor
Location:  SIMS 302
Phone:  985/549-3036
Email:  keith.finley@southeastern.edu

Michael Fontenot

Title:  Lecturer
Location: 344A
Phone:  985/549-2885
Email:  michael.fontenot-6@southeastern.edu

Margaret Gonzalez-Perez

Title:  Professor
Location:  FAY 347C
Phone:  985/549-5379
Email:  margaret.gonzalez-perez@southeastern.edu 

Peter Gratton

Title:  Assistant Professor
Location:  FAY 344E
Phone:  985/549-5097
Email:  Peter.Gratton@southeastern.edu

Bridget Hester

Title:  Instructor/ Undergraduate Coordinator
Location:  FAY 347B
Phone:  985/549-5388
Email:  bridget.hester@southeastern.edu

Samuel Hyde

Title:  Professor/ Director of the Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies
Location:  SIMS 301
Phone:  985/549-2151
Email:  samuel.hyde@southeastern.edu

Lori Ostarly

Title:  Instructor
Location:  FAY 357F
Phone:  985/549-5386
Email:  lori.ostarlyulfers@southeastern.edu

Samantha Perez

Title:  Assistant Professor/ Graduate Coordinator
Location:  FAY 349
Phone:  985/549-5353
Email:  samantha.perez@southeastern.edu

Peter Petrakis

Title:  Associate Professor
Location:  FAY 355D
Phone:  985/549-3465
Email:  peter.petrakis@southeastern.edu

Benjamin Price

Title:  Instructor
Location:  FAY 344B
Phone:  985/549-2106
Email:  benjamin.price@southeastern.edu

William Robison

Title:  Professor/ Department Head
Location:  FAY 335C
Phone:  985/549-2109
Email:  william.robison@southeastern.edu

Craig Saucier

Title:  Assistant Professor
Location:  FAY 357D
Phone:  985/549-5915
Email:  craig.saucier@southeastern.edu

Andrew Traver

Title:  Professor
Location:  FAY 344C
Phone:  985/549-2112
Email:  andrew.traver@southeastern.edu

Ronald Traylor

Title:  Instructor
Location:  FAY 346
Phone:  985/549-5525
Email:  ronald.traylor@southeastern.edu

Riley Trisler

Title:  Instructor
Location:  Fayard 342
Phone: 985-549-5354