Due to the recent weather closures, the deadline for making schedule adjustments (Drop/Add period) has been extended until Tuesday, January 23 at 5:00 p.m. The final fee payment deadline has been extended to Wednesday, January 24 at 5:00 p.m. Further information on any additional changes to the spring calendar will be forthcoming.

Management and Business Administration Faculty

Dr. Matthew Alford


Matthew Alford

Title:  Instructor

Location:  Garrett 065

Phone:  985/549-3091

Email:  Matthew.Alford@southeastern.edu





Cindi Baldi


Cindi Baldi

Title:  Assistant Professor

Location:  Garrett 43

Phone:  985/549-3078

Email:  Cindi.Baldi@southeastern.edu





Aristides Baraya 

Aristides Baraya

Title:  Instructor

Location:  Garrett 75A

Phone:  985/549-3976

Email:  abaraya@southeastern.edu




Anna Bass


Anna Bass

Title:  Instructor

Location: Garrett 68

Phone:  985/549-5422

Email:  abass@southeastern.edu




 Dr. David Bowes

David Bowes

Title:  Associate Professor

Location:  Garrett 53

Phone:  985/549-3098

Email:  dbowes@southeastern.edu




 Connie Budden

Connie Budden

Title:  Instructor

Location:  Garrett 82

Phone:  985/549-3293

Email:  cbudden@southeastern.edu





Samuel Cappel

Title:  Professor

Location:  Garrett 50

Phone:  985/549-3604

Email:  scappel@southeastern.edu




 Katie Causey

Katie Causey

Title: Lecturer

Location: Garrett 100

Phone: 985/549-2051

Email: katie.causey@southeastern.edu




David Faucheux


David Faucheux

Title:  Instructor

Location:  Garrett 30

Phone:  985/549-3973





  Dr. Lara Gardner

Lara Gardner

Title:  Associate Professor

Location:  Garrett 59

Phone:  985/549-3068

Email:  Lara.Gardner@southeastern.edu




  Herbert Holloway

   Title: Lecturer


   Phone: 985/549-3199

   Email: Herbert.Holloway@southeastern.edu




Dr. Andre' Honoree


André L. Honorée

Title:  Associate Professor

Location:  Garrett 94C

Phone:  985/549-5754

Email:  ahonoree@southeastern.edu




Dr. Yu Hsing


Yu Hsing

Title:  Professor

Location:  Garrett 54

Phone:  985/549-2081

Email:  yhsing@southeastern.edu




 Dr. Rusty Juban

Rusty Juban

Title:  Associate Professor

Location:  Garrett 09

Phone:  985/549-5930

Email:  rjuban@southeastern.edu






Phyllis King

Title:  Professor

Location:  Garrett 01

Phone:  985/549-3727

Email:  Phyllis.King@southeastern.edu




Dr. Mario Krenn


Mario Krenn

Title:  Assistant Professor

Location:  Garrett 19

Phone:  985/549-3728

Email:  Mario.Krenn@southeastern.edu





Jason Landry

Title:  Lecturer


Phone:  985/549-2086

Email:  Jason.Landry-2@southeastern.edu 




Dr. Sang Lee


Sang Lee

Title:  Professor/Department Head

Location:  Garrett 60A

Phone:  985/549-2086

Email:  slee@southeastern.edu





Yun-Chen Morgan

Title:  Instructor

Location:  Garrett 89

Phone:  985/549-3997

Email:  ymorgan@southeastern.edu 





Dr. Carl Phillips


Carl Phillips

Title:  Professor

Location:  Garrett 42

Phone:  985/549-3081

Email:  cphillips@southeastern.edu




John Poteet


John Poteet

Title:  Lecturer


Phone:  985/549-2086

Email:  John.Poteet@southeastern.edu




Dr. Randy Settoon


Randall Settoon

Title:  Professor

Location:  Garrett 45

Phone:  985/549-3075

Email:  rsettoon@southeastern.edu




Lynn Stirling


Marcia Stirling

Title:  Instructor

Location:  Garrett 27

Phone:  985/549-3104

Email:  mstirling@southeastern.edu




Dr. Dawn Wallace


Dawn Wallace

Title:  Associate Professor

Location:  Garrett 23

Phone:  985/549-3071

Email:  dwallace@southeastern.edu




David Wyld


David Wyld

Title:  Professor

Location:  Garrett 17

Phone:  985/549-3079

Email:  David.Wyld@southeastern.edu