Student-led Louisiana Early Childhood Association (SLAECA)


SLAECA officers wear many hats and each helps us to serve our members, our university, and our community of children and families. Pictured left to right: Dr. Hailey, Brittany Jefferson, Maddison Hutches, Paige Imbraguglio, and Jahnice Williams. 


wrapping books

SLAECA members collaborated with P.E.O. to provide brand new picture books for children in flood damaged communities. Each book had a personal message of hope and encouragement, was beautifully wrapped, and ceremoniously given to area kindergarteners and first graders who lost belongings in August floods. Pictured from left to right: Liz Clark, Jahnice Williams, Samantha Cooke, Lindsay Colligan, Paige Imbraguglio, Brittany Jefferson, and Karina Garcia. 


Mission Statement

Our purpose is to increase awareness of the needs and to work for knowledge and understanding of young children in Louisiana both at school and at home and to provide opportunities for collaboration between those who are concerned about the needs of young children and families.



A. To increase awareness of the needs of young children in the State of Louisiana at child care facilities, preschool facilities, in the public schools and at home;

B. To work for increased knowledge and understanding of young children in the State of Louisiana at child care facilities, preschool facilities, in the public schools, and at home

C. To encourage professional growth of members through professional learning opportunities such as workshops, meetings, guest speakers, conferences, and field trips

D. To stimulate awareness of legislation and research dealing with children and their families.

E. To serve our community in a capacity that will benefit young children, parents, and/or our profession.



Membership shall be open to all students on Southeastern Louisiana University campus who are concerned with the young child and their families.



Any student of Southeastern Louisiana University who has paid his/her tuition and SLAECA dues. 


Privileges of Membership

1. Membership shall entitle each member to membership in the Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA) and the Louisiana Early Childhood Association (LAECA).

2. Membership shall entitle each member to all newsletters regular publications of LAECA & SECA.

3. Membership shall entitle each member to vote on matters related to changes in the election of officers in LAECA and SECA.

4. Associate Membership a. Members who join only the local chapter are not entitled to receive any benefits from the state or national organization, or to hold office at the local, state or national level.


to biloxi 

On the road again! We packed up and headed to Biloxi, Mississippi for the Southern Early Childhood Association 2017 conference. 


$45-Full Membership

$10-Associate Membership



Full Membership

Associate Membership

Benefits of Membership



induction ceremony

SLAECA Officer Induction Ceremony: The officer induction ceremony is held each May to show appreciation our former officers and to "pass the torch" to the newly elected officers. Additional activities include presenting a presidential gift, welcoming of attending Louisiana Early Childhood Association State Board members, and awarding of graduation cords to graduating SLAECA seniors. 


PresidentLindsay Colligan 

Vice-president: Samantha Cooke

Secretary: Brittany Jefferson


Sgt-at-Arms: Jahnice Williams


Reporter: Maddison Hutches


Assistant Adviser: Dr. Stacey Garcia

Adviser: Dr. Debra Jo Hailey


 323 manipulatives

 As part of the LAECA grant received in Fall 2016, kindergarten math manipulatives were purchased and Teacher Candidates in Education 323, Curriculum and Instruction for grades PK-3rd grade, wrote activities and utilized class time and rehearse presenting the manipulative uses to area teachers. Then a wonderful day of professional sharing followed at Freshwater Elementary School in Denham Springs, where Teacher Candidates demonstrated many different ways to use the math manipulatives throughout the academic year and Kindergarten teachers shared their experience and wisdom for using math manipulatives in the classroom. The math manipulatives were then donated to the school to replace classroom materials lost during the August 2016 flooding. 

Contact Us

For more information or to get involved, please email or check us out on SLAECA's Facebook page.

flood recovery

SLAECA delivered wrapped picture books to Freshwater Elementary School in Denham Springs where former SLAECA President, Courtney Hutchinson, teaches kindergarten. Children walked in Monday Morning to find a personalized gift that they unwrapped, read, and took home to continue loving and reading over and over again! Freshwater Elementary School and the surrounding community were hit hard by the August 2016 Flooding and this was one way that SLAECA assisted in getting life back to normal for these young children and their families.