Network Development

The mission of the Network Development Office is to maintain and enhance LAN, WAN, and wireless environments of the campus networks, telephone/video systems, cable plant, and provide support for the campus local area networks.





Cody Britt

Senior Network Administrator

LAN, WAN, and Wireless administration

Daniel Crosser

Network Specialist

Copper and fiber plant, distance ed, telephone

Wilson Watts

PBX Administrator

Telephone system administration


The network development office is responsible for:

Campus network, including fiber backbone, and hundreds of network switches throughout campus

Voice network with over 4,000 phones on all campuses

Wireless networks

Residential networks

Campus Internet connections, routers and remote WAN connections to
Internet, Mandeville, Livingston, Hammond, and Baton Rouge campuses.

Campus Firewalls, traffic shapers, load balancers, and security appliances

Network security

Critical network services such as LDAP, DNS, and DHCP