A Message from the President

One of our strategic priorities spelled out in Southeastern's Vision 2017 is the development and implementation of a coordinated marketing and recruitment plan. This priority is important because a consistent and coordinated approach will allow us to maximize the impact of promotional efforts for our institution and all of its programs.

For the last couple of years, several groups of faculty, staff and students have been working diligently to assist in the creation of the coordinated marketing and recruitment plan. To date, several tangible accomplishments have been realized as a result of these efforts, including, among others, the development and deployment of the new university website and the creation and distribution of the new Southeastern magazine.

One of the most important elements of a coordinated marketing/recruitment plan is the identification and consistent utilization of an institutional brand. As a result of extensive market research, we now have a clear understanding of Southeastern's unique brand. More information about our brand, and tools that all of us can use to ensure consistency in all university-related communications, can be found here.

In addition to providing these guidelines, I have asked each division head to ensure that all messages and promotional communications are consistent with the coordinated effort to reflect the Southeastern brand.