President's Awards for Excellence

Each year, Southeastern President John L. Crain bestows the university's most prestigious honor, the President's Award for Excellence, to faculty and staff excelling in the areas of research, teaching, artistic activity, faculty service and staff service. Meet this year's recipients.



David Armand

Writer and Instructor, Department of English
President's Award for Excellence in Artistic Creativity

“What particularly stands out for me is David’s accomplished and beautiful language, which like all great style is readily recognizable but not easily explainable.” -- David C. Hanson, Professor and Head, Department of English




Margaret Gonzalez-Perez

Professor, Department of Political Science
President's Award for Excellence in Research and Teaching

“Dr. Gonzalez-Perez is a particularly worthy candidate for the Excellence Award for Research not only for the high quality and substantial quantity of her scholarship, but also because she published on the very important and timely subject of international terrorism.” --  William Robison, Head, Department of History and Political Science



Lilley Schulte

Paige Lilley Schulte

Associate Professor, Depertment of Education
President's Award for Excellence in Teaching

"Dr. Schulte is eccentric, passionate, brilliant, experienced and authentic in her character as a person and an educator.  She has impacted my life and I guarantee I am part of a long list of teachers who have testimony after testimony of her contribution to their craft as an educator.” -- Misty McCarthy, Former Student





Colleen Klein-Ezell

Professor and Head, Department of Teaching and Learning
President's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service

"Service has been at the heart of her professional career from the day she was employed at Southeastern. She is the first to volunteer to serve on an important committee to advance the mission of the university or to support retention efforts in our department.” -- Cindy Elliott, Professor, Department of Education 




Mark Whitmar

Assistant Director, Physical Plant Services
President's Award for Excellence in Unclassified Staff Service

“Our virtues are charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. “Mr. Whitmer has shown these qualities to the full extent. He always takes pride in whatever he is asked to do.” -- John Catalanotte, Financial Secretary, Our Lady of Pompeii Council