President's Awards for Excellence

Each year, Southeastern President John L. Crain bestows the university's most prestigious honor, the President's Award for Excellence, to faculty and staff excelling in the areas of research, teaching, artistic activity, faculty service and staff service. Meet this year's recipients.



Ernest Milsted

Associate Professor, Department of Art
President's Award for Excellence in Artistic Creativity

"His personal connection gives his artwork more credibility and depth than any other artist I’ve seen who works on this same subject."  -- Dale Newkirk, Interim Head of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts




Thomas Summerfeld

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
President's Award for Excellence in Research and Teaching

"The fact that Dr. Sommerfeld is at the forefront of his discipline is evidenced by others in his field who are copying his methods. On three different occasions, Southeastern hosted international scientists who came to learn his methods." -- Gerard Blanchard, Head of the Southeastern Department of Chemistry and Physics




Claire Procopio

Associate Professor, Department of Languages and Communication
President's Award for Excellence in Teaching

"Motivational speaker William Arthur Ward once said, ‘The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.’ Dr. Claire Procopio is a great teacher." -- Megan Moshery, Former Student





Todd Delaney

General Manager and Program Director of KSLU
President's Award for Excellence in Unclassified Staff Service

"Mr. Delaney leads with the goal of producing prepared, qualified graduates to join the workforce. He mentors students, sharing his 25 years of radio experience with the expectation that they will join the broadcast industry and quickly earn leadership roles."  -- Lucia Harrison,Department Head of Languages and Communication