President's Awards for Excellence

Each year, Southeastern President John L. Crain bestows the university's most prestigious honor, the President's Award for Excellence, to faculty and staff excelling in the areas of research, teaching, artistic activity, faculty service and staff service. Meet this year's recipients.



Benjamin Diller

Associate Professor, Department of Visual Art + Design

President's Award for Excellence in Artistic Creativity

“Ben Diller is an artist who is constantly working in representational and abstract styles. He fills sketchbook after sketchbook with
drawings, which become a record of ideas. These drawings may be studies for new artworks realized in other media, or they may remain as part of the rich tapestry within his highly developed sketchbooks.”  -- Visual Art + Design Department Head Dale Newkirk. 



Kent Neuerburgneurerburg

Professor, Department of Mathematics

President's Award for Excellence in Research

 “The work I have done on these projects can be directly incorporated into my classes as examples of the application of the statistical principals being studied."





Irene Nero

Associate Professor, Department of Visual Art + Design

President's Award for Excellence in Teaching

“I have seldom met an individual who was so passionate about her field, about teaching and about imparting this passion to students and opening their eyes to the world of art. Fortunately, her broad knowledge is matched by a warm, inviting personality and a strong work ethic” --Eric Johnson, Sims Library Director.





Dayne Sherman

Professor of Library Science and Coordinator of User Education

President's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service

“Serving the Southeastern community since I enrolled as a student has been an honor and a privilege.”




Corliss Dupuy

Assistant Director of Human Resources 

President's Award for Excellence in Unclassified Staff Service

“We are in the business of hiring and developing people. What I’ve most enjoyed about my job at Southeastern is the people I’ve met and worked with.”