Message from the President

Yesterday, the Revenue Estimating Conference lowered the official estimate of revenues for the current Louisiana State budget by $370 million. Despite the revenue measures adopted by the Legislature during last year’s legislative session, drastically lower oil prices and lower corporate tax receipts have had a significant negative impact on the State budget. Under the Louisiana Constitution, the Governor now has 30 days to address the shortfall recognized by the Revenue Estimating Conference.

At this point, we have no clear indication how the administration will address the immediate budget shortfall or what the impact will be, if any, on higher education. However, I am grateful that we budgeted very conservatively for the current fiscal year, and will do everything within our power to maintain budget stability for our campus, faculty, staff and students.

As always, we will keep the campus informed as we learn more about how Governor Jindal’s administration plans to address the current fiscal challenge.

Given the ongoing budget instability with which we have struggled in recent years, I believe all of us share significant trepidation. Through the political process, our State will transition to new leadership in January. This coming Saturday is election day, and I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote in the current election.

John L. Crain