A Message from the President

March 29, 2016


As you likely have already learned from press reports in recent days, we were informed late last week that the $70+ million remaining shortfall in the current fiscal year state budget will NOT result in additional reductions to higher education.  I want to thank Governor Edwards and his administration for finding solutions that resolve the remaining current fiscal year shortfall without further cutting higher education.
As previously determined, we will be absorbing this spring semester's shortfall in funding for TOPS, with Southeastern's share amounting to approximately $2.1 million.  While no budget cut is ever good news, we are certainly thankful that we are not also being asked to absorb part of the additional $70 million shortfall. 
Although we are pleased that the Governor and Legislature addressed the current fiscal year state budget shortfall, we continue to have serious concerns regarding next year's projected shortfall in the state budget.  As always, I will share developments with the campus as they become available.
John L. Crain