Strategic Planning Update

March 7, 2019

Over this past year, the University Planning Council worked diligently to create Vision 2025, our proposed new Strategic Plan. I have endeavored to keep the entire campus community informed and engaged in the planning process through multiple email messages and links to the “Planning Portal” website which includes comprehensive information about the data, reports, processes and people involved in developing Vision 2025.

As the final work product of the University Planning Council, Vision 2025 provides a roadmap for future university initiatives, activities and resource allocation. The Plan includes six strategic priorities, some of which look very familiar, focusing on such issues as student success and financial stewardship. Other priorities are very new, such as one that will guide the university in the pursuit of more aggressive yet focused efforts in the area of distance education.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Planning Council, as well as all other stakeholders, for their efforts in developing Vision 2025. I also invite everyone to take a look at the Planning Portal website where a copy of the proposed Vision 2025 is posted for review.

The final step in formalizing our new strategic plan is to submit it for approval by the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors at the next Board meeting in April.


John L. Crain