Workday Implementation Update

February 3, 2020

The first module of the Workday implementation project for Human Resources, Payroll and Finance is on schedule to go live in July 2020. We have made tremendous progress as we work toward that goal, and there are a couple of important items related to “go live” that we want to share.


    This spring we will begin employee training for Workday. There will be numerous training opportunities, including training that affects you as an individual employee and training that pertains to your job function. A training schedule is being finalized and will be posted to the University’s Workday web page. We will also send reminder communications to the campus community closer to the various training dates. 



    Given the need to move, or cut over, to the new system, we will have to set deadlines during the spring semester for various actions including procurement, hiring, etc. We are developing a schedule and will share that with the campus once finalized. The information will be posted to the Workday web page, and reminder communications will be sent to the campus community throughout the semester.


Workday will offer a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform with a user experience superior to that of our current system. I appreciate the commitment of our employees who have been directly involved in this implementation and the work of the entire campus community as we begin the transition to Workday.


John L. Crain