COVID-19 Update - Further Class Delivery and Telecommuting Information

March 17, 2020


As the situation continues to evolve quickly, today’s update, while consistent with past guidance, includes additional details and clarifications. 

Given that classes are moving to remote delivery effective tomorrow, March 18, we will move to further minimize the on-campus population.  Specifically:

  • Students are being strongly encouraged to move out of campus housing and return to their home residences. Those students who cannot do so will be accommodated.

  • All non-essential staff, as determined by the supervisor, should plan to work remotely as soon as possible. Note that all staff who are considered at heightened risk for infection of coronavirus must work remotely or be placed on leave consistent with guidance provided in my March 16 campus message. 


A campus notice was sent out earlier today with a link to the Telecommuting Form and instructions for completing the Form electronically.  Since that time, we have significantly streamlined the Form and process which can be accessed on the Telecommuting Information webpage.  Staff who have not already completed the prior Form and process should use this new streamlined version.  Specific procedures associated with office closures (voice mail, signage, etc.) will be sent in a separate communication.

  • All essential staff, as determined by the supervisor, should continue to report to duty.

  • Student Workers and Graduate Assistants are also strongly encouraged to work remotely. We will treat student workers and GAs as staff members, and they should utilize the same telecommuting process described above.


Given further developments regarding COVID-19, as well as additional guidance from federal, state and health officials, the following information is being shared:

  • Remote delivery of classes will extend through the end of the semester. Based on current guidance, and in coordination with other universities, classes will continue to be delivered remotely through the remainder of the semester.  Please ensure plans are in place to do so.

  • It is very likely that Spring Commencement as currently scheduled will be cancelled. System and institution staff are working with student leaders to identify alternate programming or recognition in lieu of the traditional Commencement ceremony.


The social distancing and personal protective protocols described in prior campus communications are vital tools in fighting the spread of coronavirus.  It is imperative that each of us ensure that we are following these guidelines.

I understand that we are in a fast-changing environment.  We will continue to do our best to make decisions based on the needs of our students and the safety of our entire Southeastern Family and the community at large.  I ask for your patience and understanding as the situation continues to unfold rapidly and also ask for your help in taking actions working toward our common goal.

Thank you for your continued efforts to keep Southeastern the best it can be! 


John L. Crain