Campus Message to Faculty and Staff - Phase One Plans

May 13, 2020

As I am sure you are aware, Governor Edwards announced Monday that, effective May 15, he is lifting the Stay-at-Home Order that has been in effect for some weeks.  While the Governor’s new Order reopens parts of our state and economy, it does so in a limited manner, restricting operational capacity for many types of businesses and establishments.  The new guidelines also maintain social distancing requirements.

In anticipation of the Governor’s new directives, division heads have been working with individuals in their respective areas to develop plans for returning on-campus operations in stages.  Plans will reflect a common framework of requirements and operational parameters, and I encourage everyone to review the Stage One Framework.

Specific details regarding return-to-campus timing and operational directions will be communicated to faculty and staff through each individual’s supervisor.

Along with everyone else, I look forward to continued progress toward normalcy. 

John L. Crain