Message from the President

September 24, 2020

Thanks to our faculty, staff and students working together in this very unusual environment, our fall semester, as unique as it is, has gotten off to a strong start and is progressing relatively well.  We continue to offer robust educational opportunities and support services to our students while the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases remains very modest. 

As Louisiana has recently moved into Phase 3 reopening, there will be careful easing of some COVID-19-related restrictions.  After seven months of rigorous restrictions, this is welcome news, and I am sure everyone looks forward to moving a little closer to the “old normal.” 

While we are all happy to move into this new phase and to embrace the modest changes it brings, I ask that you remain vigilant in your personal actions both on and off campus. 

Our highest goal is to protect all members of the Southeastern family from COVID-19 to the greatest extent possible while continuing to provide an excellent education and collegiate experience for our students.  To help ensure the safety of our Southeastern family members, I am asking you to be vigilant in continuing to wear your mask, wash your hands regularly, maintain social distancing and be careful to minimize your close person-to-person interaction when you are in any group setting.

While these measures are still required on campus, I implore you to practice these safety protocols off-campus as well.  Only through a consistent effort with each of us doing our part every day can we protect the health and safety of all Southeastern family members and continue to enjoy the modest “normality” that Phase 3 allows.

I hope each of you continues to have a great fall semester!

John L. Crain