Southeastern to Receive Limited Supply of COVID-19 Vaccine

January 19, 2021

This week, Southeastern will receive the first limited allocation of COVID-19 vaccine.  Consistent with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, Louisiana has established priorities for determining those eligible to receive the vaccine at this time. 

Based on the current priority group (Phase 1B, Tier 1), the University will use these limited doses to provide vaccines to members of the Southeastern family who are age 70 years or older as well as faculty, staff and students of allied health programs, with the focus on students who will be spending time in community healthcare settings as part of their current course of study. 

Please visit the Louisiana Department of Health COVD-19 website for more details about the current priority group.

The vaccine to be available on campus will be the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.  As such, a second dose is required 21 days following the first dose.

At this time, the vaccine will not be available on campus to the general faculty/staff/student population given that the University is being provided a very limited quantity of doses and that the state has specified the individuals who may be offered the vaccine.

Eligible individuals based on their status in the current priority group will be contacted and offered the vaccine.  Those choosing to receive the vaccine will be provided with an appointment time and location to receive the vaccine.

To ensure efficient administration of the vaccines and to ensure maintenance of COVID-19 safety protocols, please do not come to the established vaccination area without an appointment.

As more vaccines are approved, and as the vaccines become more widely available, additional individuals will have an opportunity to be vaccinated.  I encourage everyone who can safely do so to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as one is available for you. 

As many of us continue to wait for an opportunity to receive a vaccine, please ensure ongoing compliance with all the appropriate safety protocols, i.e., masks, distancing, hand washing, etc.

Thank you.

John L. Crain