Sexual Misconduct

May 6, 2021

In recent months, there has been significant media attention focused on multiple high-profile cases involving impermissible sexual behavior.  Particularly concerning are cases at institutions of higher education, highlighting what appear to be multiple failures of individuals, policies and processes intended to protect victims against acts of impermissible sexual behavior and to punish those who would engage in such acts. 

Every member of the Southeastern family has the right to work and learn in a safe campus environment.  Our University and this administration are committed to promulgating and enforcing policies that help ensure an appropriate and safe campus environment. 

We will not tolerate sexual assault, sexual harassment, or any other forms of impermissible sexual behavior by anyone, regardless of role or status.  Through enforcement of the policies of this institution and the University of Louisiana System, as well as state and federal laws, we will work to prevent unacceptable behaviors, protect those who are victims, and punish those who violate the rules.  Likewise, in keeping with the provisions of these laws and policies, as well as our institutional core value of caring, we will provide appropriate support and assistance to survivors.

The Southeastern policy on sexual misconduct can be viewed here.

The UL System policy on sexual misconduct can be viewed here.

Under these policies, the University’s Title IX officers play an important role in addressing reports of sexual misconduct.  These individuals also are available to provide information and answer questions.

The Title IX Coordinator for Southeastern is Gene Pregeant.  He can be reached at or 985-549-5888.

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Southeastern is Dr. Gabe Willis.  He can be reached at or 985-549-3792.

Any information about potential instances of sexual misconduct may also be reported to:

As a reminder, and as is delineated in the University and UL System policies on sexual misconduct, most campus employees, with the exception of confidential advisors, are mandatory reporters.  Failure to report information about potential sexual misconduct can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. 

In addition, State law requires all University faculty and staff to participate in annual training on sexual harassment.  Supervisors are also mandated to participate in additional related training.  Failure to complete training mandated by State law can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

I look forward to working with all members of our Southeastern family to ensure our campus community is free from any form of impermissible sexual behavior.


John L. Crain