Ida Update

September 7, 2021

I am happy to report that the University continues to make significant progress recovering from Hurricane Ida. 

A very important development is that power has recently been restored to north campus, with restoration of power to the main campus anticipated soon.  Likewise, utility crews are making significant progress restoring service in the City of Hammond and surrounding areas. 

Our crews, working in conjunction with private contractors, are doing a great job removing damaged trees and other debris from campus.  The campus is already looking much improved and closer to normal.  Assessment of the damage done to campus buildings is largely complete and associated repairs have begun. 

Progress toward restoration of electric power on campus and in the community allows us to accelerate remediation efforts and be more optimistic about the timeline for resumption of normal campus operations. 

Additional details will be shared as available, with updates to the campus community likely becoming daily.

We’ve been through a great deal in these past couple of years, and I want you to know that I am resolved to see our fall semester return to normal as quickly as possible.  I know the unwavering spirit of the Southeastern Family will shine brightly as we work to recover from Hurricane Ida.

Thank you, and LION UP!

John L. Crain