Reporting Power Based Violence Training Course

March 17, 2022

As you know, there has been much attention focused around sexual misconduct and Title IX issues on college campuses.  Given recent high-profile cases at prominent Louisiana institutions, last year the Louisiana Legislature enacted several new laws to address these issues.

Prior legislation required mandatory training on sexual misconduct and Title IX for employees of Louisiana public colleges and universities, and in keeping with these legal mandates you were asked to complete these courses this past fall semester.

New legislation required the Board of Regents to create new training materials on power-based violence which all “responsible employees” of public colleges and universities are mandated by law to complete.  Please note that under this law, all employees are “responsible employees” unless specifically excluded by virtue of status as “confidential advisors,” e.g., medical staff with the University Health Center and mental health counselors with the University Counseling Center.

This new “Reporting Power-Based Violence” course is required to be completed annually and, going forward, will replace some of the prior required training on related topics.

I know you join me in wanting to do everything possible to prevent sexual misconduct and power-based violence on our campus.  Accordingly, I ask that you join me in completing the new “Reporting Power Based Violence” course by the end of the spring semester.  The course can be accessed through Moodle.

John L. Crain