Message from the Provost

All that we are!

It’s a wonderful time of the semester! The University Events Calendar is full of opportunities to experience all that is Southeastern -- academic, athletic, cultural, community, recreational, etc. This tapestry of events is a reminder of our complexity – we are so much to so many! 
No matter the event, the scenario is the same – you are present. Whether leading from the front, walking beside, or encouraging from behind, your role is critical in the success of our students.
The Academic Calendar provides another opportunity for students. November 1 is the last day for students to withdraw from regular classes. Again, your role is critical. 
Students have been asked to Connect, Assess, & Decide in preparation for the November 1 deadline - connect with faculty, assess performance and possibility of success, and decide whether to stay enrolled or withdraw. Students are reminded that the decision is theirs – faculty cannot withdraw students from classes.
While the decision is theirs, you can still help. Please remind students of the November 1 deadline, offer assistance in decision-making, and utilize LINK (Lion Intervention Network) to report students who are not attending and those performing poorly. With your help, students can make informed decisions and stay on the path of academic success.
Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our students. We are all that we are, because of all that you do! 
My best,