1990 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year

1990 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year

Leroy Carney


Leroy Carney attributes his career to his professors during his first semester at
Southeastern. He was constantly encouraged and after one semester was known as “The
Science Brain” on campus.  He then began tutoring and helping other students. He has
lived up to his nickname  as reflected through his accomplishments. After receiving
a Bachelor of Science in Physical Chemistry, he continued his education and received
his Master of Science in Physical Chemistry at LSU.

He has been a supervisor of X-Ray Laboratory for Dresser Magcobar Inc.

 He also worked in product development for IMC Drilling Mud in Houston, Texas and
as a research associate for the Department of Geosciences at Texas Tech University
in Lubbock.  He then served as president of Concentrated Mud Chemical Inc. in Houston
and went on to become president of his own company Carney Mud Consultants Advanced
Drilling Fluids Technology.

He was a member of the American Chemical Society, the National Association of Corrosion
Engineers, the Technical Association of Pulp & Paper Industry and the Mineralogical
Society of London, England.

He has written and co-written over a dozen articles on a myriad of chemistry and ecological
topics. He has a dozen patents on his inventions for the drilling industry and has
lectured at Louisiana State University, Oklahoma State University and Texas Tech University.
 He was also on the lecture circuit  in Germany, Yugoslavia and the Middle East. His
biological sketch was published in Who’s Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology.