Roomie with Heart Eyes
Lion Up
Roomie with Sunglasses

Go Lions
Athletics Lions Logo with Hearts
Roomie Giving Thumbs Up



Student Union Fall Time Football Wallpaper
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Campus Snow Day Wallpaper Friendship Oak Wallpaper
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Southeastern Athletics Athletics Wallpaper Southeastern Logo Wallpaper
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Southeastern Fight Song

Cheer for Southeastern’s noble Gold and Green
Cheer our team on to victory
We’ve got to play this game to win the day
We’ve got to play hard, get in there and make it pay
It’s time to fight on to a victory
Stand up and roar with all your might
Go! Go! Lions, go!
Get out and fight, fight, fight!

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History of the Fight Song


Southeastern Alma Mater

We hail Thee now Southeastern, For Thee we’ll always stand; Thy
eager sons and daughters form one united band. We’ll
sing thy praises ever from sea to shining sea, and
love Thee Alma Mater, Thru all eternity. 


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Southeastern Alma Mater – History and Printable Music Sheet