Membership FAQs

Who are Southeastern’s alumni?

Since 1925, Southeastern has granted more than 72,000 degrees to students from across the world. Earning a degree from Southeastern is a mark of distinction and pride.

To be considered alumni of Southeastern, individuals must have attended Southeastern at least two semesters and earned 24 credit hours as certified by the Office of the Registrar.

How may I join the Southeastern Alumni Association?

As the population of graduates has increased, the Alumni Association has made the strategic decision to target delivery of services to all alumni. To be a graduate of Southeastern is an elite mark of distinction that alumni have earned through hard work in obtaining their degree. That degree qualifies alumni as part of the Alumni Association family. 

As of July 1, 2020, membership in the Alumni Association is free. Membership is determined in the following ways:

  • Alumni will automatically become part of the Alumni Association upon graduation. If already a graduate, alumni have been converted to members effective July 1, 2020.
  • Lifetime members who have paid-in-full or are current on their payment plan will be converted to Loyalty Donors regardless of their graduation status.

Why did the Alumni Association decide to eliminate membership dues for alumni?

With more than 72,000 alumni and growing, the Alumni Association’s vision is to be the link to lifetime engagement of future and current alumni. By eliminating dues, the Alumni Association is creating an inclusive organization for all graduates. Graduates automatically become part of the Alumni Association once their degree is confirmed by the Office of the Registrar.

Southeastern’s core values are excellence and caring. Instead of paying mandatory dues, we now ask alumni to make a philanthropic gift to the Alumni Association to support the many networking and professional development events and programs that we provide for our students and alumni.

Will the Alumni Association continue to exist at Southeastern?

Yes, the Alumni Association will continue to operate. In fact, the organization is expanding engagement and services!

This transition in alumni engagement was made possible thanks to the loyal support of lifetime and annual members who helped fund program development since 1927 and the countless volunteers who have generously donated their time to building the organization.

Am I losing any of my membership benefits?

All alumni now have access to a full suite of benefits and services offered by the Alumni Association and its partners. Check out the full list here.

What happens to my Lifetime Membership?

Current Lifetime Members have been converted to Loyalty Donors. Lifetime members are an elite group who helped build the Alumni Association. Your initial investment in alumni engagement is what helped make this transition possible.

Did I miss my chance to become a Lifetime Member of the Alumni Association?

The Lifetime Membership program is being transitioned to the Loyalty Donor giving level. You may be a part of this elite organization by giving to the Alumni Association at a minimum level of $1,000. You can see more information here.

What happens to my Lifetime Membership if I do not complete my payment plan by July 2022?

All current Lifetime Members on a payment plan will continue their current pledge payment plan. They will be counted as Loyalty Donors once their pledge is fulfilled. 

All Lifetime Members on a payment plan that cannot make their payments by July 2022 will have their remaining pledge balance written-off. They will not be counted as Loyalty Donors.

Flexible payment options are available such as monthly and quarterly automatic payments on credit card. Please contact our office to set up a payment plan that meets your needs.

Why should I become a Loyalty Donor?

Giving to the Alumni Association provides a stable source of support and allows our organization to pursue our mission of establishing and maintaining strong ties between the University and our graduates. It also provides much needed funding to support programs for ALL alumni.

Alumni who give $1,000 or more to the Southeastern Alumni Association will be counted as Loyalty Donors. These donors will be eligible for a host of exclusive benefits, such as special recognition at all events, an invitation to our Alumni Awards Evening VIP reception, free and discounted events throughout the year, priority registration, a special gift and more. Become a Loyalty Donor today.

Flexible payment options are available such as monthly and quarterly automatic payments on credit card. Please contact our office to set up a payment plan that meets your needs.

My spouse, who is not a graduate of Southeastern, and I are joint Alumni Association members. Will he/she be considered a member?

Non-graduate spouses are special friends of our organization and will always be welcome to attend events and participate in many any of the programs that we offer.

It seems like friends of the Alumni Association are no longer encouraged to participate in membership. Is that true?

Just to be clear, we LOVE our friends. The Alumni Association has always encouraged and included friends in activities. We’ve worked hard to treat friends just like alumni, and it is our intention that they will continue to participate in alumni programming.

How can I join a chapter?

Most of our regional chapters do not require a fee to join. However, there may be a dues requirement for membership in any of the fraternity or sorority chapters.


Membership dues or donations to your chapter of choice is encouraged to help fund the operations of these groups.

How may I support the Alumni Association?

There are so many ways to support your fellow alumni. Get involved. Attend events. Volunteer your time. Become a mentor for a student or recent graduate. Keep us posted on your successes. Be an ambassador of Southeastern and romote the high-quality education on campus. Stay up to date about campus’ points of pride. Tell others about the innovative programs conducted by Southeastern’s faculty and students. Support our diverse student body. The possibilities are endless, and we ALWAYS appreciate your support!