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Southeastern Ring

The Official Southeastern Ring is a symbol of shared experiences and pride in your alma mater. Wearing it is the best way to show the world that you are proud to be a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University.



Our ring symbolizes the rich traditions of Southeastern, including:

  • The Gold represents value, endurance, and education.

  • The Green represents new life in earning a degree.

  • The Unbroken circle around the S means everlasting friendships and memories.

  • Three columns represent the three names Southeastern has been known by: Hammond Junior College, Southeastern Louisiana College and now Southeastern Louisiana University.

  • The image of Friendship Oak symbolizes the heartbeat of our university, where our roots run deep. Its broad branches spread wide represent the knowledge that our graduates will share throughout the world.

  • “1925” represents the year that Hammond Junior College was founded.

  • The brick and mortar represents continuous growth on campus.

  • The golden band that connects the two sides symbolizes the you will be connected to

    Southeastern for the rest of your life.

  • Two oak branches with six leaves each represent the twelve live oak trees on campus.

  • The formal seal with Latin words integritas, forttitudo, fidelitas translates to integrity, fortitude and fidelity. These words are the foundation on which our founders built our state and our university.

  • LIONS symbolizes our spirit that endears us to our alma mater.

  • Facing the name of the ring outward after graduation represents that the graduate is now ready to face the world as a proud Southeastern graduate.