Reasons to Give

“I wanted to make a difference in a student’s life by helping them succeed with a

“My life was blessed because of my time at Southeastern and I just wanted to give
back as a thank you.”

“We all need to support academic programs to ensure they have the funds needed to
stay on the cutting edge.”

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Reasons to Give

Higher education today presents more opportunities for learning, innovation, and experience
than ever before. In an age of declining public support and rising costs, private
philanthropy is essential for sustaining the quality of a Southeastern Louisiana University
education and for making its benefits available to all.


Some common motivations to support Southeastern include:

You want to give back:  Southeastern Louisiana University has made a difference in your life, and you want
to do something in return.

You want to pay it forward:  You received financial support and wish to do the same for other students.

It makes sense:  Giving to Southeastern helps you establish strong, beneficial connections on campus,
and your gift fosters prosperity through the initiatives it supports.

It’s good business:  Your gift is an investment for you because it allows you to take advantage of tax
and estate benefits.

It’s fun:  Giving to Southeastern allows you to establish and maintain relationships on campus
that open doors to events and activities that are enjoyable and socially rewarding
to you.

It feels right:  You make your gifts to Southeastern because you know it will help advance causes that
are important to you.

Philanthropy is a tradition for you:  Your family has long recognized the value of philanthropic support, and Southeastern
and what it represents is important to you.


You have Southeastern PRIDE!