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Generous alumni and friends of Southeastern establish endowed scholarships to allow students to focus on their studies more, to boost their academic success, and to help them graduate within four or five years. These donors want to make sure that promising students who otherwise may be unable to attend college have a chance of a Southeastern education. Through their endowed scholarships, these donors have an impact on generations of students’ access and success at Southeastern.

This listing is to honor and tell the story of the donor or the individual or organization that caused the creation of the endowed scholarship. They are in alphabetical order by the scholarship name – last names if named for individuals or by organization name if corporations, associations or foundations.

Alumni and Friends, to learn about setting up scholarships, please contact the Development Office by calling 985.549.2239 or click here to see a listing of staff.

Students, if you would like to learn more about how to apply for scholarships, please contact Southeastern’s Scholarship Office by clicking here.