Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is charged with aiding University Development staff in fundraising
initiatives as well as managing the Foundation’s investments and finances.

Board of Directors



Toby Cortez, Chair

Jonathan Wong, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Beezie Landry, Treasurer

Beth Ebberman, Secretary

Dr. John R. Poteet, Past Chair



Thomas R. Akers

Marcia C. Barr

Dawn Cantrell

Dr. Gary M. Clark

Stephen L. Cory

Stanley Dameron

Marcia K. Galatas

April Ford Jackson, Esq.

Shelby P. LaSalle

Terri LeBlanc

Wallace Lewis

Marcus Naquin

Dr. Cindy Visot

Michael R. Sharp

Tony Volz

Robert D. Watkins



Walter “Bud” Antin, Jr.

Jack A. Blossman

Barry L. Brown

Raymond J. Brown

Donald M. Fendlason

Mayson H. Foster

John W. Gautier

Dennis E. James

James E. Kuhn

George D. Lockhart

Gino Marino 

Lillian C. Maurin

Susan McKneely

Edward T. Riecke

Cynthia H. Shelton

Nicholas B. Tournillon

Minnie Hughes Wilkinson