How Do I Update a Student's Expected Graduation Term?

  1. Sign in to PeopleSoft version 9. Remember to use CAPS when entering your User ID.
  2. To view the expected graduation term: Southeastern SA Data > Use > Update Expected Grad Term
  3. When to update the expected graduation term: Update the expected graduation term during academic advising sessions with the student or during the change of major process. The term should be based on the student’s curriculum planning and agreed upon by the student and advisor. The advisor will update the term in PeopleSoft.
  4. How to update the expected graduation term in PeopleSoft.
    • Navigate to Southeastern SA Data -> Southeastern SA Data -> Use -> Update Expected Grad Term.
    • Enter the code for the student’s expected graduation term. If you do not know the term code, click on the magnifying glass next to the Expected Graduation Term field. On a periodic basis, the PeopleSoft system will upload this term to the students’ Student Program/Plan information.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Remember to sign out of PeopleSoft when you have finished your session.