How Do I View Student Transfer Credit?

  1. Sign in to PeopleSoft Version 9 using your first initial and last name as your User
    ID. Remember to use CAPS when entering your User ID.
  2. Select Records and Enrollment > Transfer Credit Evaluation > Transfer Credit Summary.
  3. Click the Search button. Do not key anything in to the Run Control ID field. 
  4. Key the student’s University ID number in to the ID field. If you do not know the student’s ID
    number, select the magnifying glass next to the ID field and look up the ID by last name. Double click on the desired student ID and it will display in the ID field. When keying in the University ID, do not include the “W.”
  5. Click the Submit button. A table containing the student’s transfer credits will display on the Selection Criteria Tab page. If the student has transfer credits from more than one college or university, there will be a right arrow at the top of the page. Click on the arrow to see additional transfer credits.
  6. Remember to sign out of PeopleSoft when you have finished your session.

Things to Remember

  • Do not include “W” when entering a student’s University ID.
  • To view the transfer credits of another student, select the Selection Criteria tab and you will be returned to the Selection Criteria Tab page.