Foreign Language Resource Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC) is to provide the students, faculty, and community of Southeastern Louisiana University with a safe, encouraging space for the promotion, study, and teaching of world langauges and cultures. 


The facility offers:

  • Drop-in tutoing for students taking language courses

  • Conversational partners for those interested in practicing and/or improving their langauge skills

  • English-speaking conversational partners for all international students

  • The ReLANproteacher control system that allows instructors to conduct classes using recordings, groupings, and audio or video output to all student stations simultaneously.

  • 35 student computer stations for language practice, studying or completing homework

  • Interation language learning software for practicing: French, Spanish, German, Italian or Latin, ESL

  • Web cams, Color printer, Scanners, CD burners

  • Space for students to work independently even while classes are in progress

  • Satellite TV programs in Spanish, French and Italian plus dozens of music channels

  • Spanish, French, German, Italian, and English reading materials

  • Student workers to assist as needed

  • A growing collection of DVD movies that can be watched in the center; have a look at our movie databases (last updated on 10/1/16)

Movie Databases                                Equipment Available

English                                                                   TV, DVD & VCR cart
French                                                                    Laptops
German                                                                  Video and Digital Cameras
Italian                                                                      LCD Projectors
Latin                                                                       CD Players
Spanish                                                                  Digital Voice Recorders
Teaching Resources                                              Overhead Projects
The movie file for each section will download as an excel file that you can search (under the edit menu)

All students are encourged to come by and practice their langauges skills using Mango, a FREE language learning software


For more information on the English as a Second Language Program, click here

All University faculty and K-12 World Language teachers may reserve the FLRC for class times by calling the center or sending an e-mail.

The Department of Languages and Communication offers a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and minors in French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish, and much more! 

Hours of Operation

Monday -Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm


Jerry Parker


D. Vickers 211

SLU Box 10719

Phone: 985-549-2291

Fax: 985-549-3088