University Health Center

The ONLY face to face appointments we will see are for TB skin tests, immunizations, physicals, STD testing and injections.  If you need to be seen for ANY other reason, please make a virtual appointment online!  Please wear a mask when you come in for an appointment!
There will be NO Nurse Practitioner
from 7/28/20 - 8/4/20.  No prescriptions.
ALL patients for EVERY appointment bring YOUR STUDENT ID & the HEALTH ASSESSMENT form found at the following link:
Schedule your appointment now!
If you know you are coming in for a service that has a cost, please download the GET Mobile App and add money to your Lion's Lagniappe account or go to and add money to your Lagniappe account to cover the costs before your appointment.  This will save lots of time! 

how to pay for services