Undergraduate Degree Program


Undergraduate students are taught how to look carefully at behavior and gain exposure to basic principles such as motivation, learning, thinking, sensation, development and perception. Faculty in our department are involved in a wide range of basic and applied research covering such topics as eating disorders, parenting styles, neurobiology of addiction, industrial organizational psychology, stereotyping, violence exposure effects and the evolution of religion. Graduates in our program have gone on to be successful in some of the most prestigious Ph.D. programs in the country. Others have gone on to have successful careers in non-academic settings.

The major in Psychology requires 34 semester hours. Required and elective courses offered by the Department of Psychology include these and others:

  • Introductory Psychology

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Social Psychology

  • Principle of Research Design

  • Psychological Statistics

  • Psychology of Criminal Justice

  • Conditioning and Learning

  • Sensation and Perception

  • Introduction to Clinical Psychology

  • History of Psychology

  • Abnormal Psychology

  • Personality

  • Cogntive Psychology

  • Physiological Psychology


Curriculum Sheets:

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