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University Health Center

READ the column headings to ensure you schedule your appointment in the correct column.  For instance, there is a specific column for women's health and men's health on Wednesdays.  Please read carefully.

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TB Skin Tests are available for $20. This is a 2 day process (48-72 hrs apart). NO TB Skin tests on THURSDAYS.  When you schedule your appointment, also schedule your follow-up appointment to ensure you get it before we are booked!!


Immunization Records

If you wish to obtain a copy of your immunization records or any part of your current medical file, please send an email to  In the email, state your name, student ID# and tell us what you are requesting.  We will attach it and email it back to you.


Methods of Payment

The University Health Center does NOT accept CASH, CHECKS, or MONEY ORDERS. You can pay online through your LeoNet account using a credit/debit card when you get here!  If you have money on your Lion's Lagniappe (Student ID), we can take that at the clinic also.  If you have cash, it can be placed on your student ID in the Library across from the front door or in the gameroom in the Student Union by the pool tables.


Women and Men's Health Clinic

Pap Smear appointments are available on Wednesdays ONLY.  STD testing is Wednesdays only IF you have symptoms.  Basic STD screenings can be done any day.  Make sure you choose the correct column when scheduling your appointment.  If you need a Depo Shot, YOU must provide the medicine and we will administer the shot for a $5.00 injection fee.  Depo can be received on ANY day  We accept debit/credit cards or your Lion's Lagniappe Card (student ID)!

All appointments are made online.