Health Center

University Health Center

The University Health Center will be closed for the holidays starting December 22nd and will re-open on January 5th!!

All appointments are free!  Tests are not!  There will be a $10 charge for 'No Shows'.  If you fail to show up for your appointment or don't call to cancel, your account will be charged $10.  Please show up for your scheduled appointments!  See 'Fees for Services' link on the left  to see a list of services that cost money!  Schedule your appointment by clicking the green button below.


FLU Shots start October 1st.  Schedule your appointment now.  $20 while supplies last!


Schedule your appointment now!


Methods of Payment

The University Health Center does NOT accept CASH, CHECKS, or MONEY ORDERS. You must have money on your Lion's Lagniappe (Student I.D.). Money can be placed on your student I.D. in the Library across from the front door or by the front door of Document Source in the Student Union.


Pay online through your LeoNet account using a credit/debit card and bring us the receipt! Tests are listed under Campus Finances as Miscellaneous Items. Click here for instructions on how to pay online.

Remember to print a receipt and bring it with you!


Women and Men's Health Clinic

Pap Smear appointments are available on Thursdays ONLY.  Make sure you choose the correct column when scheduling your appointment.  If you need a Depo Shot, YOU must provide the medicine and we will administer the shot for a $5.00 injection fee.  Pay at the Controller's Office and bring us receipt or have the money on your Lion's Lagniappe Card (student I.D.)   All appointments are made online.