Meet Our Staff


My name is Tyler.  I'm studying for a degree in Biological Sciences.  After graduation, my plan includes a Master's in Biological Sciences.  With this background, I feel I would be well prepared to take on medical school.  Although I aspire to be a physician, I thoroughly enjoy tutoring -- specially more complex topics like those in the natural sciences.

Hey!  My name is Krista England Barton, and I'm a senior biology major.  As a former Resident Assistant with an extensive background in customer service, I enjoy helping others and meeting new people.  I graduated high school in North Carolina, where I was in band the entire time, as well as a part of Southeastern’s Marching band for a period of time.  I spend a lot of my time reading, playing video games, finding ways to pamper myself, and spending time with my friends. I look forward to helping others with content area problems, as well as general educational challenges, and working towards academic success.

brandi baumy

Hi!  My name is Brandi, and I am a biology major with a concentration in Integrative Biology.  I am also a member of Southeastern’s chapter of Gamma Beta Phi. After graduating, I want to become a Physician’s Assistant.  A fun fact about me is that I love anything/everything Disney!  I love helping others, and I look forward to being a tutor!

 utsav_bhattaraiHi, my name is Utsav, and I am from Nepal.  I am majoring in computer science. I am very interested in the visual analysis of data in computer science. I am interested in learning and applying math to various aspect of my courses. I look forward to helping you to do the best.


Hi! My name is Kaleb.  I am currently studying Industrial Technology with a double concentration in supervision and drafting.  Since, I love mathematics and physics, I love extending help and support in these two subjects for the people who seek it.  I am a musician and a fisherman in my downtime and lead worship at my church in Livingston.  I look forward to working with you and allowing you to reach your fullest potential!

selena brown

Hi! My name is Selena, and I am a junior majoring in biology, with a concentration in environmental science, especially plant ecology.  I enjoy participating in campus events with the Biology Undergraduate Society in my free time.  I also love reading, listening to all kinds of music, and being in nature. I am looking forward to helping other students achieve academic success.

 payton_colsonHey, I just like to be called Colson, even if it's not my first name. I play soccer for Soutehastern, and I have played soccer since I was four years old.  All during that time while growing up through sports, everyone just called me by my last name.  I am from Flowood, Mississippi, and I am a biology major.  I love to help others with school and enjoy seeing students work hard and succeed!

chloe daquinHello! My name is Chloe’.  I am a junior Integrative Biology major with a minor in French.  I am pursuing a career as a Physicians Assistant. I enjoying reading and being outdoors in my spare time. I enjoy tutoring, and I look forward to being able to help you this semester!

ariel_ebanks.jogGreetings! My name is Ariel. I'm currently a junior working on a degree in biology. I'm focused on environmental studies, but am interested in many science related fields. I enjoy tutoring others, and look forward to helping you with you classes.

 Hey! My name is Craig Escarra, and I'm from Kenner, Louisiana.  My major is integrative biology with a minor in chemistry.  I am a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Tri Beta, the Integrated Science Club, and BUGS.  I enjoy reading and hanging out with my friends when I'm not studying, and I look forward to helping other students! 

 libby_farizoHey! My name is Elizabeth but just call me Libby! I am a psychology major with a French minor! I am striving for medical school to become a psychiatrist. My forever hobby is singing and musical theater. Friends and family are my life, and I'm a Disney fanatic! 

tara guilloryHi, my name is Tara.  I live in Baton Rouge and commute to Hammond as a sophomore pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  I plan to continue on to graduate school to receive my master's in Speech-Language Pathology.  As a tutor, I look forward to meeting you!

michele harderHey y’all! My name is Michele, and I’m from Baton Rouge.  I am a nursing major.  In the future I hope to be a traveling nurse because I love helping others.  I recently joined the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority.  In my free time I enjoy bonding with my sisters and adventuring in Hammond.  I look forward to helping students at the CSE!

rachel_kelly.jpgHi! My name is Rachel, and I am an accounting major here at Southeastern. Also, I am a member of Southeastern’s chapter of Gamma Beta Phi.  After graduating with my CPA license, I hope to work for the FBI as a forensic accountant.  I look forward to assisting students in the Center for Student Excellence!

hayden kimballMy name is Hayden, and I am a psychology major at Southeastern.  I tutor English, Spanish, psychology, and history.  On weekends, I like to spend time playing my guitar with two different rock bands and spending time with my family at home.  I also love to sing and write music. 

Mahitha Koduri

Hello there, I'm Mahitha.  I am a pre-medical student.  I like to get involved with cultural arts such as singing and dancing during my free time.  I believe that everyone should strive to be their best, not just when motivated but also when inspiration is lost.

alexis_minorHi, my name is Alexis, and I am a communication major in the honors program. I am involved in Gamma Beta Phi, Broadcast Education Association, and Residence Hall Association. In my free time, I enjoy helping people with their studies, watching Netflix and doing anything broadcast related. 

gabrielle olivierMy name is Gabrielle.   I am a Communication Sciences and Disorders major and a member of the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association.  After graduation, I plan to either get a masters in Speech Language Pathology or a doctorate in Audiology.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your course work.

 keaton_piersonHi, my name is Keaton! I am a finance major from Covington, Louisiana. I spend a lot of free time playing video games with my friends. I really enjoy learning about math and sciences, and I enjoy helping other people.  I want everyone to be successful.  I look forward to helping you do your best!

 hailey_sculthorpHey guys! My name is Hailey and I am a nursing major. When I'm not studying or tutoring I love to hangout with friends and spend time with family! I look forward to being able to help you better your studying skills and hopefully improve your grades!

angela_thomasHello. My name is Angela. I was raised in a small town called Opelousas but was originally born in Germany.  I study Biology at Southeastern with a concentration in microbiology. I am also pursuing a minor in Chemistry.  In my free time, I love to dance and will always find some reason to take a dance class.  When I'm not doing homework, you may find me browsing Netflix or doing absolutely nothing. I look forward to helping others and would like to see everyone succeed and enjoy their college caree