Southeastern welcomes students back for the start of classes this week while we continue to keep all faculty, staff and students who are not yet able to make it to campus in our thoughts as the region works to recover from devastating flooding.
We attempted to reach ALL our students in recent days, but we realize communication has been difficult, if not impossible for some. If you are just now able to see this message, please contact so we can have a better understanding of your status and work with you so you can attain your educational goals.


Jack Brooking Collection

Archival Collection

Box 1

Folder 1: Misc. News JFK Assassination (115 items)
RFK assassinations, Bob Slieffer Interview (1969), JFK Conspiracy, Dominick Dunne’s Spelling Secretes, Newspapers Clipping, Emails, Out line of Book “4 Days in Nov.”
Folder 2: New Orleans Gay Bars ‘60 (14 items)
Folder 3: Billy Joe Johnson, Archie Bland (202 items)
Folder 4: Misc.. Articles JFK Assassination
Articles from: The National Enquirer, Vanity Fair, Time, Life, Pensacola News Journal, Atlantic Constitution Newsweek, The Kansas City Star, Times-Picayune Parade, Skeptic the Mag of Opposing News.
Folder 5: Copies of Newspaper Clipping (5 items)
Milwaukee Journal Nov. 23-26, 1963. Lackland Talespinner Dec. 5, 1963
Folder 6: Misc. JFK Assassination (52 items)
Folder 7: Misc. Dallas Articles on JFK (9 items)
Map of Suburban points of interest, Ruby Address with map, Dallas Times Herald Nov. 22, 1963, 2 colored post cards of JFK’s Route

Box 2

Folder 1: Murder: King ‘68 (116 items)
Newspaper clippings, Initial Notes on James Earl Ray.
Folder 2: Final Report of Assassination Records Review Board (1 item)
Folder 3: Public Hearing- June 28, 1995 in New Orleans, LA