1. Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre offers the study of theatre with a focus on acting, stage management, and directing within a liberal arts environment.  This degree prepares students for successful entry into careers in theatre and film, as well as advanced academic study.

Curriculum Sheet 2022-2023

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2. Bachelor of Arts: Concentration in Theatre Design
Theatre Design CURRICULUM 
THEA 131 Intro to Theatre
THEA 231 Stagecraft
ART 333/393 Sculpture II or 3D Modeling 
THEA 333 Design for Stage & Studio
THEA 337 Makeup Design for the Stage 
THEA 338 Costume Design for the Stage
THEA 431 Play Production
THEA 433 Theatre History 
ART 433 Senior Project Visual Art + Design 

Curriculum Sheets

Theatre Minor 

The Minor in Theatre, consists of 21 credits of the following courses:  THEA 131, 231, 234, 333 or 337, 431, 432 and three hours of Theatre labs (TLAB).