Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

BA in General Studies with a Theatre emphasis




131. Introduction to the Theatre.

Credit 3 hours. A course designed to impart a deepened appreciation and understanding of today’s theatre by surveying both contemporary techniques and the contribution of theatre to world culture. Consideration of the interrelation of all aspects of theatre production and the contributions of various related arts. Open to all students.

231. Stagecraft.

Credit 3 hours. A technical study of the construction and painting of stage settings with an emphasis in production organization and stage management: participation in technical work of Southeastern Theatre.

234. Introduction to Acting.

Credit 3 hours. A course designed to familiarize the student with the history and nature of the techniques of acting?concentrating on understanding and mastering skills associated with body movement and vocal production in character analyses and performances. Refereed performances, attention to television acting; a basic course.

332. Acting for the Camera.

Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: Theatre 234. An in?depth study of the techniques required for performing before the camera. Special attention paid to the technical considerations specific to film/television acting. Emphasis on performance.

333. Design for Stage and Studio.

Credit 3 hours. A study of design principles, methods, and techniques relevant to both the theatre and the studio. Emphasis on developing creative and practical skills.

335. Advanced Acting.

Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: Theatre 234. A course designed for in?depth study of varied dramatic roles. American and continental theories will be examined and applied to advanced character analyses and performances. Extensive performance coupled with professional critiques.

337. Costume and Makeup Design for Stage and Studio.

Credit 3 hours. An overview of costume and makeup design theory and practical rendering techniques. Makeup design using modern materials, makeup application for stage and studio. Lectures, demonstrations and laboratory work in conjunction with Southeastern Theatre productions, and assigned design projects. Purchase of makeup and drawing materials required.

400. Special Topics in Theatre.

Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of Department Head. A variable content course which treats subjects of special interest. The content will change from semester to semester and will be advertised in advance. May be taken by both majors and non?majors. May be repeated once for a total of 6 hours.

403-404/503-504. Independent Study in Theatre.

Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: Junior standing and permission of the Department Head and written permission of instructor. Readings, conferences, reports, and/or special projects. Areas of study may include, but not limited to, the following topics: Stage Combat and Fencing, Musical Comedy, Stage Movement, Arts Administration, Stage Speech, Advanced Performance. Creative Dramatics, Character Makeup and Masque, Refereed Directing, Dialects, Scenic Painting, and Community Theatre.

431/531. Play Production.

Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: Theatre 231 and 234 and Junior standing or permission of the Department Head. Training in play reading and selection, evaluation of dramatic literature, theatre management and promotion, costume and make?up, basic acting, and organization of many facets of theatrical productions, auditions,

rehearsals, and performances.

432/532. Theatre Directing.

Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: Theatre 231 and Theatre 234 and Junior standing or permission of Department Head. Fundamental theories of directing for the stage. Students select, cast, direct, and present scenes and/or short plays for class and public presentation.

433/533. Theatre History.

Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of the Department Head. The development of the Western Theatre from the time of the ancient Greeks to the present. Emphasis on the physical theatre and production styles.

435/535. Children’s Theatre.

Credit 3 hours. An introductory course in theatre history as it applies to children. Emphasis will be placed on the criteria for productions with children as the audience and adults as actors and on productions using children as actors. Activities in the use of creative dramatics will also be included.