Online Consultations


Online consultations are provided via email at Only English 101 and 102 papers will be reviewed for online consultations. Each paper submitted for online review must include a completed online consultation form attached either at the beginning or the end of the document. The first 10 papers submitted each week will be reviewed in the order they are received. An email notification will be sent to any student whose paper was not able to be reviewed.


Submission Guidelines and Limitations

The Online Consultation form must be completed before being copied and pasted to either the beginning or the end of the paper being submitted for review.


To Submit a Paper:

  • We can only accept Microsoft Word or Rich Text formats.

  • One submission per online consultation form and one submission per assignment, please.

  • You must send you paper to to be reviewed.

  • Papers submitted Monday - Thursday, before 1:00 pm, will be reviewed within 24 - 48 hours.

  • Papers submitted Friday - Sunday will be reviewed with 48 - 72 hours.


Remember to allow sufficient time for any delays that may occur. During midterm and toward the end of the semester, the volume of papers submitted each week might increase and cause the turn around time to exceed 24 - 48 hours.


NOTE: Papers submitted during official school breaks will not be reviewed until classes resume. Papers will be reviewed in the order they are received. We will only be able to review the first 10 papers submitted each week, beginning on every Monday. After the weekly quota is reached, all remaining submissions will be referred to the Writing Center for a one-on-one consultation or to the following online resources:

  • The Writing Center's collection of instructional handouts

  • The Writing Center's online chat group

  • Smart Thinking's online tutorial service through MyCompLab


Online Consultation Form

Online Consultation Form

A Southeastern Writing Center Online Consultation Form must be included with every paper submitted. Papers received without a consultation form will not be reviewed. The form must be copied and pasted to either the beginning or the end of the paper and submitted as one document.



The Writing Center's standard confidentiality policy applies to all online consultations. With the exception of cases of suspected plagiarism or other violations of the University's code of conduct, all online consultations are strictly confidential. With the student's permission, we can provide information about the student's progress to his or her instructor.

Proof of Visitation

The reviewed paper with the consultation's notes and initials will serve as proof of visitation. If the student requires a stamped proof of visitation card, s/he may come to the Writing Center and request a stamped card.


REMEMBER: The Writing Center is not an editing or proofreading service. Our approach is to identify the writer's strengths and weaknesses. We will point out the first occurrence of an error and explain how to correct it. Then, we will provide suggestions for areas that need improvement. We will not proofread and correct the paper.


Online Consultation Email Address

This is the only e-mail address you can submit to. Submissions to our other e-mail address will not be reviewed. Furthermore, you cannot schedule appointments through this e-mail; this e-mail is for submission forms only.

Online Consultation E-mail: