Call for Submissions


Call for Submissions

The Pick encourages submissions from all departments and from students at all levels.

To be considered for publication in The Pick, works must be submitted in one of two ways:

  • Faculty members may submit student works they feel are exceptional.

  • Students may submit works themselves with a faculty member's approval.

Upon submission, all works are subject to an anonymous, peer-review process, wherein the editorial board is looking for quality, content, organization, and creativity. Students whose works are conditionally accepted shall be required to meet with a member of the editorial board to discuss necessary revisions prior to publication.


All submissions must have been created originally in fulfillment of a Southeastern course assignment and be accompanied by proper submission documentation and release forms. The release form can be accessed by clicking here. Physical copies of documentation can be dropped off in the Writing Center and electronic copies can be emailed to


General Submission Guidelines

  • Students may submit as many works as they wish; however, only one work per student shall be published in each issue.

  • No work that has been previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere shall be eligible for publication in The Pick.

  • All submissions must have been created originally in fulfillment of a Southeastern course assignment.

  • The Submission Information, Release Authorization, and Instructor Comments sections must be completed in their entirety.

  • Work shall be submitted in the form of one hard copy and one electronic copy on a CD, DVD, or e-mail attachment, sent to the proper party (see the appropriate submission form for the specific address).

  • Written works must adhere to the most recent edition of one of the following citation styles: MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association), Chicago Manual of Style, or Kate Turabian's A Manual for Writers.

  • If non-academic sources are used (i.e. Wikipedia), students may be asked to find alternate sources.

  • Papers must be no longer than 15 pages typed, double spaced, with a 12 pt. font.

  • Students are encouraged to meet with a Writing Center consultant to discuss their work prior to submission.

  • Students whose works are preliminary accepted will be asked to meet with a member of the editorial staff to discuss suggested revisions to their works.