Southeastern Administration

Southeastern’s administration oversees all aspects of the university, including academics, finance, public and governmental affairs, student affairs and more. This organizational chart reflects our current leadership and reporting structure. Visit the Administrative Offices page for a complete listing of all Southeastern offices and departments.


  • John Crain
    Dr.John Crain
    University President
        • Dr. Eric Summers
          Dr. Eric Summers
          Vice President for
          Student Affairs
          • Jim McHodgkins
            Jim McHodgkins
            Assistant Vice President
            for Student Affairs
        • Sam Domiano
          Sam Domiano
          Vice President
          for Administration
          & Finance
          • Judy Bowles
            Judy Bowles
            Assistant Vice President
            for Finance
          • Vacant
            Assistant Vice President
            for Operations
        • William Joubert
          William Joubert
          Director of Economic & Business Development
        • Wendy Johns Lauderdale
          Wendy Johns

          Vice President for
          University Advancement
        • Dr. Mike Asoodeh
          Dr. Mike Asoodeh
          Chief Information Officer
        • Erin Moore Cowser
          Erin Moore Cowser
          Executive Director of Public & Governmental Affairs
        • Chibuike U. Azuoru
          Chibuike U. Azuoru
          Director of Internal Audit
        • Gene Pregeant
          Gene Pregeant
          EEO/ADA Compliance
  • Dr.Tena Golding
    Dr. Tena Golding
    Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
      • Dr. Kay Maurin
        Dr. Kay Maurin
        Assistant Vice President
        for Enrollment Management
      • Dr.Jeffrey S.Temple
        Dr. Jeffrey S.Temple
        Assistant Vice President
        for Academic Programs
      • Dr.Karen Fontenot
        Dr. Karen Fontenot
        Dean, College
        of Arts, Humanities &
        Social Sciences
      • Dr. Toni Phillips
        Dr. Toni Phillips
        Interim Dean, College of
      • Dr.Shirley Jacob
        Dr. Shirley Jacob
        Interim Dean, College of
      • Dr.Ann Carruth
        Dr. Ann Carruth
        Dean, College of Nursing & Health Sciences
      • Dr.Daniel McCarthy
        Dr. Daniel McCarthy
        Dean, College of Science & Technology

All Administrative Offices