Get Involved with CAB

Are you interested in getting involved in CAB? Read about our three levels of involvement below!

Executive Board

The Executive Board is a small group of students selected to lead the Campus Activities Board throughout the year. These students are selected through an application and interview process. These applications are open when the CAB is hiring. These students work to plan impactful, diverse, and inclusive events around Southeastern’s campus. By becoming an Executive Board member, you become a leader on Southeastern’s campus.  
The Committee is a group of students chosen to work closely with the Executive Board to learn how the Campus Activities Board operates behind the scenes. This application is open for a limited amount of time at the beginning of each semester. These students attend our bi-weekly meetings and get a hands on experience with planning and running events around campus! 
General Board 
The General Board is open for all to join all year round! These members attend our bi-weekly meetings to give their input and vote on future events. By becoming a General Board member, you will also receive updates on upcoming events. Meeting times and locations are listed on our calendar.
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Executive Board Application
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