Faculty and Staff

The Office of Career Services is honored to partner with faculty members as fellow advisors, resources, and connectors for students and alumni seeking jobs and internships. Students often seek the help of faculty as they navigate difficult choices about majors, graduate study, and careers. As they enter the complex, globally interconnected world of work, students can be overwhelmed by the vast amount of (sometimes conflicting) information that affects their choices and their futures. The Office of Career Services, like you, is dedicated to helping students make their career transitions successfully, both during their time at Southeastern and long after they have graduated.

Our aim is to strengthen our partnerships with Southeastern’s faculty and support your existing efforts to positively impact our students’ career planning, development, and readiness.



What does it mean for our students to be "career-ready"?

Though valued by employers, a college degree in and of itself does not automatically lead to a good job. Employers want assurance that students can help them solve problems and reach their goals. They want to know that Southeastern graduates have developed and demonstrated competencies considered essential in the workplace.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has identified eight key competencies, listed below, that college students should possess in order to be competitive candidates in the internship and job markets and to be a successful employee in the workplace.



Wondering how you can embed the career competencies into your courses? Don’t worry – we got you covered!