Grow as a Leader... Become an RA!

A Resident Assistant (commonly shortened to "RA") is a trained student leader, within a college or university, charged with supervising a residence hall. The RA selection and training processes are usually quite rigorous and intense. 


The benefits of being a Resident Assistant at Southeastern include a scholarship in the amount of the student's room, default meal plan charge, and $350 dollar compensation. Arguably more important are the intangible benefits of the RA position, which include training in crisis management, negotiation, advocacy, time management, etc. RAs are often prepared to make successful transitions from the college environment to the job market since they can demonstrate leadership training, management skills, and community involvement as part of their collegiate experience. Returning Resident Assistants who qualify may be eligible for increased compensation and responsibility.


  • Full-time enrollment in a degree program
  • Be in good academic (not on academic probation), financial (not in arrears with your University account) and student conduct (not on conduct probation or have any outstanding sanctions) standing with the University
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5


Typically the Resident Assistant Staff for each building divide "duty" periods during which they must monitor a residence hall or campus area to ensure that any maintenance or facilities-related issues are addressed, that institutional policies are being observed, and generally to ensure that the residence hall is an environment supportive of the educational pursuits of the students. An RA is also expected to be available to offer support for students encountering issues such as roommate conflicts, depression, and alcohol or drug abuse on a day-to-day basis. RAs are required to perform 4 in-hall hours per week in which the RA is in their building talking with residents and helping with any office tasks during business hours. 

Resident Assistants often are required to plan and facilitate events for the residents in order to enhance the living community within the hall. These programs can take almost any form, ranging from community service projects, to social events such as games and outdoor events, to educational programs where a topic is explored or a skill (eg: cooking, laundry, time-management, etc.) is taught. These programs are usually focused within one of four areas: academic achievement, well being, involvement at Southeastern, and/or service and engagement. 

Overall, RAs are college students who have chosen to accept a heightened degree of responsibility for enhancing the college environment, while taking the opportunity to influence the overall well being and Southeastern experience for the resident student population.


Conditions of Employment

  • RAs shall complete all training programs required by University Housing. These training programs include but are not limited to: Fall Training, Spring Training, and In-Service Education.
  • RAs are required to report prior to other students arriving and stay after the residence halls close. RAs may be expected to work through University holidays including, Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, Mardi Gras and Easter.
  • All new RAs must have taken the Education 204 prior to their first semester as an RA and complete the course with no less than a C or 70%. 
  • RAs shall not accept additional employment on or off-campus, except as follows:
    • Student teaching and internships as approved by the AC and Assistant Director of University Housing Employment required by or related to the RA's major course of study as approved by the AC and Assistant Director prior to accepting employment.
    • Off-Campus employment after the RA has served at least one semester as an RA. Employment must be approved by the Area Coordinator and Assistant Director of Residential Life. Employment can not exceed 6 hours during the week.


Complete an application for the Resident Assistant Position online.

Reminders about invitations to interview: 

  • Students MUST meet the qualifications of the position in order to be invited to interview.
  • Students who completed the application will be invited to interview via your Southeastern email address listed on their Resident Assistant Position Application. Please use your Southeastern email address.  
  • Students are REQUIRED to attend Informational Sessions in order to answer questions about the position.
  • Applications are due by September 30th, 2019 at 5:00 pm to interview for a Fall 2020 position. 
  • Interview dates for qualified candidates for Fall 2020 Resident positions: October 25th, 2019.  Please mark your calendars now, we will only host one interview day and will not schedule any makeup interviews. 
  • We are interviewing students who are currently enrolled or have taken and passed the RA class to become an RA for Spring 2019. 
  • We are interviewing students who have not taken then RA class to be invited to take the RA class in the Spring 2019 and become an RA for Fall 2020 pending you pass the RA class.