Dependent Fee Waiver

Dependent Fee Waiver

In order to obtain a Dependent Fee Waiver, employees must submit the "Dependent Fee Waiver Form for a Full-Time Employee" to the Human Resources Office each semester. Spouses and children of Faculty and Staff memberscurrently employed full-timewith the University as of the last day ofregistration for the semester of enrollment, may use the fee waiver forundergraduate instruction only. The dependent for whom fees have been requested must be either a spouse or child and eligible as a dependent for tax purposes during that calandar year. A copy of the tax return must be submitted at the request of the University. If the employee fails to claim the dependent as an eligible dependent for tax purposes, the employee will have to reimburse the University for the amount of the fee waiver.

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If you have any questions regarding Fee Waivers or Authorization to Take Classes, please contactthe Benefits Section of the Human Resources Office atClaire.Hughes@selu.eduor 549-2587. Please send the completed forms to the Human Resources Office, Room 106 (Benefits Section). The Human Resources Office is located in Building NCHR, on North Campus