Blue Cross Blue Shield - HMO



The HMO plan will be administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. OGB's HMO plan members will have access to Blue Cross' national network of doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers. It offers a $15.00 co-payment for physicians' visits and a $25.00 co-payment for specialists with no referral needed.


Prescription Drugs


Member pays 50% of the cost of prescription drugs up to a maximum $50 per 30-day fill. After a maximum of $1,200 per person per plan year out-of-pocket expense your copayment will be $15 brand, $0 generic **Note: Plan member who chooses brand-name drug for which approved generic version is available, pays cost difference between brand-name drug & generic drug, plus 50 percent co-pay amount for brand-name drug; cost difference will not apply to $1,200 out-of-pocket-maximum. (Administered by Med Impact)


For current rates, click here to go to the rate table. For more information please call 1-800-392-4089 or you can visit