Short Term Disability Insurance from The Standard

Group Short Term Disability Insurance 

Protect your income if you’re out on leave. Your health insurance may help pay medical
bills. Short Term Disability insurance pays you. It can replace part of your paycheck
if you can’t work due to a qualifying disability.

Disability insurance may help protect your income if you’re unable to work. Short
Term Disability insurance can help pay benefits if you become disabled and can’t work
for a short amount of time.

This coverage replaces a portion of your income when you can’t work because of a qualifying
disability, including injury, physical disease, pregnancy or mental disorder.

You may receive weekly benefits that replace a specified percentage of your eligible
earnings. Benefits begin after the benefit waiting period has been completed

Even if you’re healthy now, it’s important to protect yourself and the people who
count on your income. If you can’t work, Short Term Disability insurance may help
you pay for ongoing expenses:

  • Housing costs
  • Groceries
  • Car Insurance
  • Child Care


PLEASE NOTE: If you elect coverage above the guaranteed issue amount, you are required to submit
evidence of insurability. For your convenience, the form has been provided in the
enrollment experience. Please be sure to enter the Group Policy Number – 758957.

Have questions? Contact customer care at (855) 702-1100 or [email protected].

Short Term Disability Plan Summary

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