Message to University Planning Council

Dear UPC Member,

As you will recall, last spring members of the Planning Council met and reviewed extensive information and data from surveys, focus groups and other sources. Ultimately, the Council agreed on eight strategic themes to help guide development of the Vision 2025 Strategic Plan.

This semester, the Council will continue working to finalize the new Strategic Plan. As a next step, two subcommittees of the Council will commence work on two tasks.

The first subcommittee will recommend a set of strategic priorities to be included in Vision 2025. Their work will include refining the strategic themes, as well as considering which, if any, of the strategic priorities from Vision 2017 should carry over to Vision 2025.

The second subcommittee will recommend a set of student success measures that will serve as goals within the Vision 2025 Strategic Plan. In addition to being an integral part of any strategic planning process for an institution of higher education, establishing and evaluating progress toward a defined set of student success goals is a requirement of SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation.

The recommendations of both subcommittees will be presented for deliberation and approval at a future meeting of the full Planning Council.

Membership of both subcommittees can be found on the Planning Portal that was previously established. Additionally, any member of the Planning Council may volunteer to serve on either subcommittee. If you wish to volunteer to serve on one of the subcommittees and were not identified as part of that group, please communicate your interest directly with the indicated chair.

I look forward to these ongoing efforts in the development and implementation of Vision 2025.


John L. Crain